BioLight, a red light therapy company founded by Dr. Mike Belkowski, continues to meet the mark with its production of advanced, easy-to-use red light therapy devices, including its ReCharge+ and ReStore+.

These devices bring alternative therapy to consumers’ homes instead of requiring them to visit a spa or medical office for treatment. Convenience is one thing consumers can look forward to when using these upgraded devices, along with the many health benefits associated with them.


One of the latest devices provided by BioLight is the ReCharge+, a device that is excellent for those looking to use red light therapy as a spot treatment for different areas of the body, including the face, knees, legs, and arms.

In addition to using it as a spot treatment to treat inflammation, it works wonders to enhance an individual’s mood naturally, give users a boost of energy, and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

The device is conveniently attached to a rotating stand that users can tilt and adjust to their liking. In addition, it has an LED lifespan of 100,000 hours, making it worth the investment! ReCharge+ contains patent-pending dual LED technology and is the first of its kind. With the dual LEDs, users can reap the benefits of red and non-infrared lighting with more consistent coverage. Each session with the device is more effective because the body can quickly absorb more light energy. 


While ReCharge+ is perfect for spot treatments, ReStore+ allows consumers to enjoy a full-body treatment. The device contains dual LEDs that provide red and near-infrared light. It’s the only product of its kind on the market, providing the maximum amount of coverage to the body and making it easier to absorb light energy.

Other red light therapy devices on the market can’t produce both red and near-infrared light as ReStore+ can. It’s also available with a floor stand that allows users to place it in the perfect position before standing in front of it and soaking up the light energy that it offers.

Innovative Devices That Make a Difference

BioLight quickly earned a positive reputation within the health and wellness industry for its innovative and natural devices that make a difference in many lives. These devices are helping individuals fight inflammation, improve circulation throughout their bodies, and naturally experience a mood boost without using traditional medication. 

“At BioLight, we aim to help consumers understand the effects of red light therapy and what it can do for the body. Not everyone realizes how beneficial this natural treatment is for their overall health,” shared Dr. Belkowski.

“We’ve completed extensive research and studies to gather more information on red light therapy and the mitochondria before developing our revolutionary products that are taking the industry by storm. Our products are already benefiting thousands of people. Making red light therapy easily accessible and affordable was always important to us. We want people of all ages from all walks of life to be able to use our products and experience the incredible advantages of red light therapy.”

Despite its success, BioLight continues working on the latest and most efficient versions of its products to provide enhanced experiences to consumers. Dr. Belkowski believes in educating consumers on the science behind red light therapy while providing outstanding products like nothing else on the market today.

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