BIPOC Coach Launches Entrepreneur Challenge for 2021

BIPOC business and executive coach Justin Fitzgerald Harris has released an entrepreneurial challenge to generate 1 million dollars in 1 year by launching businesses he is personally passionate about. The kicker? He will document the entire process to share with other entrepreneurs who want to jumpstart successful careers in different areas amidst the pandemic. Harris’ bread and butter entails optimizing people and processes and he shares secret tips and strategies on how to start a business that others never reveal during their course of business-building. Those involved in the challenge will be able to give feedback and participate directly, as well as receive perks and products Justin launches exclusively. The challenge will begin January 1st at 12:01am PST and ends December 31st at 11:59pm PST time zone.

Justin says, “I want to inspire 1 million people to make a million dollars. Creating the path that’s right for you starts with defining what your ideal numbers are to be financially free. My first businesses were reselling new shoes and playground snacks to other kids. I’ve had side hustles for as long as I can remember.”

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