BIPOC Dr. Sarafina Launches Online Ministry Prayer Vault and iCoachBosses

Dr. Sarafina, media mogul, reforming coach, certified therapist, and founder of iCoachBosses virtual experience on Feb 26-28, 2021, launched an online ministry focusing on prayer, intercession, and prophecy to change people’s destiny, pivoting them from poverty to prosperity. Her ‘Bosses Blueprint’ helps people with strategies and ideas to launch or pivot their vision, career, business or mission using secrets for wealth and legacy building. The experience will also revolve around spreading the gospel and establishing a marriage counseling firm to help marriages heal.

Coming from Section 8, welfare, rape, molestation, and the ACS system, Dr. Sarafina was conceived from drug addict parents. Eager to escape the slums of life and lack of worldly knowledge and experience, she broke through the traps of her bloodline and broke every statistic. From canceling insurance plans, to having a negative $26 in her bank account, Dr. Sarafina offers books, shirts and SIP boxes for single women, a coaching program providing compassion, tips, + tools such as the retreats, therapy, and accountability partners for women that are ready for a real, healthy relationship with the intent to marry their partner.

Dr. Sarafina says, “When Facebook launched Facebook Live, I started praying for people, and I felt the pain and hurting of the world, which led to me writing books, CDs and bursting out other ideas and platforms. I want to build multifaceted educational centers across the world and counseling firms that bridge the gap between the church and Hollywood, to help all walks of life, no matter the gender or sexual orientation.”

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Sarafina Thomas is a media mogul, influencer, reforming coach, certified therapist specializing in ways of prayer. She is the CEO of Bosses Blueprint, iCoach Bosses + Kingdom and Hollywood Counseling Firm. She is a mother, sister, and friend, billionaire, CEO & Creator of “What are you Feeding your Mind Wednesdays,” hosted on Clubhouse and eventually will launch as a podcast covering  topics Marketplace, Money, Life and Counseling topics.

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