BIPOC Female Invents Solution for Combatting Toxic Effects of Drinking Alcohol in Women

Enter LiveLife.

LiveLife, the only supplement formulated in collaboration with a BIPOC female biochemist to meet the unique needs of women who drink alcohol with a drink-mix blend of all-natural ingredients, including plant extracts, amino acids and adaptogens. Alcohol sales have been climbing during COVID-19, so people are drinking more at home. Livelife is the first to specifically tackle the challenge of developing better drinking habits and a positive relationship with alcohol and is dedicated to helping adults drink responsibly while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Founder Robin Bent’s ‘aha’ moment came about a year ago after receiving abnormal test results from a mammogram that led her to research how lifestyle choices contribute to the development of cancer. In its Report on Carcinogens, the Nat’l Toxicology Program of the US Dept. of Health lists consumption of alcoholic beverages as a known human carcinogen. The W.H.O. has classified alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen, similar to arsenic, benzene and asbestos. So she set out to create a healthier way to enjoy alcohol.

Robin says, “The key to protect your body from alcohol’s harmful effects is to prevent the development of the toxic by-product, acetaldehyde, which forms when the body attempts to digest alcohol, causing short-term side effects like brain fog, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and anxiety, as well as long term side effects like DNA damage. The main ingredient in LiveLife, Hovenia Dulcis extract, is our source of dihydromyricetin (DHM). Studies show that DHM helps the liver process alcohol quickly, which enables the body to eliminate the alcohol from your body before it can do any damage.”

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Written by Jay Feldman

Dr. Jay Feldman is an Osteopathic medical doctor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of several successful companies such as Otter Public Relations, Instelite, and REX Fitness. In addition to running multiple businesses, he hosts the Mentors Collective Podcast where he teaches the secrets to business success and creating freedom. He maintains a strong social media presence with over 200,000 followers. Dr. Feldman was recently named International Business Times "Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020"

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