Bismarck Ebiweh: From Award-winning Athlete to Becoming a Renowned Success Coach

Athletes endure a lot in their life, from personal grievances to on-field problems. They still stick it out and make it to the big league. They go on to win games and achieve their dreams. Some take it even further, making sure they leave behind a legacy not just on the field but also off it. Bismarck Ebiweh, an award-winning track and field runner turned renowned success coach, talks about his inspirational journey from the racing track to self-improvement guru.

Born in Nigeria, Ebiweh lost his father at a young age before migrating to the US at the age of 9. Since high school, he was interested in becoming a runner. He set straight records for the 400m run during his time in school. At the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, he qualified for the NCAA Track & Field Regional Championships for the 4×100 Relay, and even competed in the 100m, 200m, 60m, and 400m. During this time, he went through several personal problems. Facing these problems head on, and not letting them destroy him, gave him the life lessons that he now uses to improve his life as well as the lives of thousands of other men.

“Self-improvement comes from within. I truly believe that empowering men will encourage them to live a quality life. That is why I became a lifestyle coach,” said Ebiweh. He even wrote a book on the subject titled Cracking the Dating Code: A Solution for the Frustrated Man which he was able to self-publish at the age of only 23. The book brought him a lot of fame, and helped him reach out to a wider audience that benefited greatly from the lessons he taught in the book. Today, he is one of the most well-known African-American Men’s Lifestyle and Self-improvement Coaches.

In less than two years, Ebiweh has made a name for himself, garnering over 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube, accumulating almost 4 million views there. Online, he provides much needed comfort and essential tips to thousands of men, helping them to improve their lifestyle.

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