Bjay WatchDatBaby Release’s “Please Don’t Turn me down“ Featuring Tweeday

Baton Rouge’s rising sensation Bjay WatchDatBaby is back again, this time bringing along Tweeday for a down south classic with production from vine. BJay is able to remind folks he can shake the city up with club bangers. There’s a lot of talent brewing in Baton Rouge and Bjay is back to claim his spot to be one of the leaders of the new wave. Tweeday brings some bravado energy to the fold, making for a song sure to be popular among the Two.

Bjay says “I came up with this song, In the club listening to instrumentals. Visioning people in the crowd, thinking of how they would react. Club bangers are the only way you can get a buzz here in Louisiana with music; but once you have that one hit it can get you booked for years & years to come if you have a nice one following it.“ Make sure to Stream BJay’s new single featuring TweeDay “Please Don’t Turn Me Down” on all platforms right now.

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