Bjp’s Prominent Leader: Devendar Singh Tomar Pioneering for Evolution in Gwalior

“True leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to thee needs of others”.

Political leaders are the vital elements of the developing nation.  They determine the allocation of power which they use to make required decisions that can have a major effect on country’s development and citizens wellbeing. Political leadership needs a leader to have their focus on country’s long-term development and betterment, above their any personal short-term gains.

The sign of strong political leader is reflected by his charm and honesty and based on the capacity to make an instant judgment based on what will be better for the majority of people. one such prominent leader of Bhartiya Janta Party is Mr. Devendar Singh Tomar.

He is a politician and a member of the BJP. He has been 3 times councilor Municipal corporation Gwalior Madhya Pradesh, for the first time in the year 1999. He was also elected as a vice leader of municipal corporation Gwalior (MP) till 2004. Devendar Singh Tomar was also a past participant of CBN international.

Devendar Singh Tomar is currently working under the ideology of the BJP government and he is happy with his decision of joining the Bhartiya Janta Party. in BJP’s governance, the development of the society, and Gwalior has taken another phase. On a large level, things are being enhanced and changed for the overall development of the city.

He has been consistently working to provide Gwalior’s citizens with electricity at every place, water supply, improvement of roads in cities and remote areas. Above all, he has been providing ration facility for the below poverty line people.  Devendar Singh Tomar also initiated in government’s ten crore project to build ‘Khel village’ and over bridge in ‘Mallagadha’.

He has vision to bring Gwalior  from number four position to number one position, equivalent to Indore under Gwalior development project. During the recent past and even today when the whole country is suffering from the Covid pandemic, Devendar Singh Tomar presented his helping hand to citizens.

He served people in numerous ways from providing Rations for free to sanitization at street and colony of Gwalior and providing Corona protection kit in hospitals. he also helped needy people in overcoming medical needs and also helped them in treatment by arranging beds to medicines and injections for Covid patients.

A personality like Devendar Singh Tomar has always possessed good political leadership skills and has proved to be a great ‘Jan Sevak’. He has also been a good communicator who can convey their vision. He is excelling as a political leader because he holds his basic principles and convictions.

For the betterment of Gwalior, his decision has led to effective action taken which has huge effects on people. he came into politics with a mission to serve society and has consistently been an active person to look over his duties.

‘A successful leader has dreams and knows the ways to turn his vision into success stories.

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