Black Bird Biotech and Its 2022 Vision for Agriculturalists and Plant Lovers

After proving to be virtually pandemic-proof in 2021, Black Bird Biotech came away from COVID constraints with an even clearer vision for 2022. CEO Fabian Deneault and the team have made a significant product push for MiteXstream, their EPA-registered biopesticide.

When the announcement came down that this company would be at the Emerging Growth Conference, shareholders and prospective investors did everything they could to take part in the conference. Hearing how this company is navigating its position in the marketplace has been interesting.

The biopesticide sector is exhibiting growth for many reasons:

  • Biopesticides represent safer alternatives to toxic pesticides that linger in the environment.
  • Companies in this category have a seat among a market valued at USD $4.09B in 2020.
  • Prospective shareholders consist of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) conscious investors.
  • Traditional pesticides pose a potential exposure risk for agricultural workers.
  • Options that move away from pollutants may save farmers money while improving crop yields.

The Potential Future of the Biopesticide Industry

As more states recognize the benefits of biopesticides over traditional chemicals, additional use approvals are coming on stream. With these additional uses comes an expanding footprint in the marketplace for the organizations that provide these solutions.

The organic designation is not generally a fit for these businesses. However, there are instances when biopesticides may be helpful in organic farming. The sector’s growth has seen smaller growers benefit from a direct marking approach. Still, the future of this industry is global.

The application of this naturally-derived option could reach more prominent use cases. For example, the USDA notes that soybean, the most traded agricultural crop, has seen a massive application of insecticides by volume. Still, as more growers of strawberries, coffee, grapes, and more consider safer options, biopesticides are on the market’s radar.

Improving crop yields and using a product safe for application through the day of harvest points to significant upside potential. 

A Safer Kind of Pesticide

Corn follows closely behind soybeans as a crop with high insecticide applications by volume. As a result, there is a growing concern over America’s food being treated with these chemicals.

Neonicotinoids and chlorpyrifos have raised some questions about potential harm. However, agricultural workers do not always determine the chemicals they touch. Biopesticides may introduce a safer kind of protection.

Government entities have taken strides to restrict more toxic insecticides, which may well be a signal. It could be a signal that biopesticides could have further use authorizations. 

Knocking out pests and their eggs requires options that are still safe for consumers and farmers. However, the opportunity to use a biopesticide right up to the day of harvest could revolutionize the industry if done correctly.

Revolutionizing the Market and Distribution Agreements

Black Bird Biotech has introduced a force to the sales team to reach more prominent distributors. In addition, the current direct market approach nets the company relationships with smaller grow shops. 

Add to that list of farmers and growers the company’s recent work with agricultural organizations with large cucumber and eggplant grows. All of these crops feel the impact of spider mites, so when MiteXstream enters the landscape, farmers can potentially save more of their crops and more of their money as a result.

Some Montana, Michigan, and North Dakota shops benefit from this direct approach. The evolution of Black Bird Biotech has stemmed from a strong marketing effort with distribution agreements to expand that reach.

Working with a state agency in Montana opens the door to state universities and a conversation around the potential use of MiteXstream in organic farming. 

Growing State Approvals

Obtaining approval for MiteXstream to be used in organic farming can open opportunities for the company. As more states come on board with approvals, more agricultural sectors can enjoy the benefits of a safe biopesticide.

With pests developing resistance to traditional pesticides, the market has needed a solution that does not put growers at a disadvantage over time. MiteXstream has the potential to remain an effective pest control method.

That dependability may go a long way for farmers in more states who need to save their crops while saving more money. In addition, the pest management tool of choice protects farmers and knocks out pests, molds, and mildew.

With 35 states becoming a part of the list of areas to approve of MiteXstream, Black Bird Biotech’s leadership is optimistic about what 2022 has in store and is aiming at all 50 states.

Growth in the states may even lead to an international presence as dialogues around foreign distribution could take shape. Plant-based food-grade biopesticides are not your run-of-the-mill product. However, agriculture workers are safer when handling it than the alternative on the shelf in many places today.

The online presence of the company on its webpage is also evolving. After the state EPA approvals, that presence will be stronger than ever. As more opportunities present themselves in the agricultural sector, Black Bird Biotech and MiteXstream could become big names in the industry. Approvals could take the product to the enormous cannabis industry with all of the opportunities that it supplies.

As Black Bird Biotech continues its growth, it is working to stay in touch with consumer interest in a cost-effective product that delivers. Their goals for 2022 are clear, and the team is shaping up to accomplish the mission.

The company expects that reconfiguring its website will bolster customer communication and take brand visibility higher than in years past. An EPA-registered product needs that visibility so the shareholders and prospective investors can see the possibilities for impact.

America’s agricultural workers don’t often get a say in what they come in contact with on the farm. A safer alternative is possible that helps bring crops to America’s tables in a safer way. Growing opportunities for distribution and revenue growth are on tap with Black Bird Biotech. Moreover, the environmental impact is significant with a company choosing to bring a safer option to the market.

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