Black Crown Inc. CEO Christopher Naghibi on Personalized Real Estate in a Global Pandemic

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus has and will continue to have unprecedented economic impacts and it seems that for the first time in history that a recessionary economy will not be followed by a dramatically impacted real estate economy.

Unlike the last economic “collapse” in the United States, the current real estate market has not been over-leveraged and remains one of the few stable investments one can make. Property prices are soaring almost everywhere with quarantine conditions demonstrating how valuable homes can truly be along with land.  Combined with historic low interest rates, the uncertainty of a looming election and the new work from home normal and the complexity of the changing landscape is quite apparent.

As the saying goes, “never let a good revolution go to waste,” and many are capitalizing on these recent COVID-fueled events to increase their wealth. Christopher M. Naghibi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Crown Inc, has quietly helped hundreds of high-net worth clients and celebrities enter and win the real estate game. Black Crown Inc. focuses on delivering concierge level service with unmatched discretion and efficiency due to their unique structuring which has them own the entire supply chain of services. With this unique offering, Black Crown Inc. not only offers unparalleled efficiency and cohesiveness, but by controlling the entire ecosystem of information they completely protect their clients and their valuable anonymity.

The Yale alum has developed a reputation as a fixer due to his firm’s ability to capitalize and adapt to any situation. “From buying or selling homes to sourcing a myriad of different types of investment properties for our high net worth clients from across the country, we are their go-to firm,” says Naghibi. During times like these, many have turned to their financial advisors only to be disappointed. But Black Crown Inc.’s clients have found themselves pleasantly surprised with their returns and investments which Naghibi and his team have worked tirelessly to protect.

Specializing in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles, Naghibi and Black Crown Inc. are well versed in some of the toughest real estate markets in the United States and have been successful in retaining anonymity in the city of paparazzi and prying eyes. With over $10 million in recovered costs for clients and in excess of $20 billion dollars in closed transactions Black Crown Inc. has become the go-to firm for celebrities and high-net worth individuals across the United States. Naghibi believes in diversification and himself possesses a Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School, a Master of Business Administration from American Heritage University, two bachelor degrees, and is also a graduate of the Yale School of Management Global Executive Leadership Program. He expects no less from his skilled, in-house staff with expertise in every relevant area to Black Crown Inc., Black Crown Law APC and their clients including intellectual property, personal injury, family, bankruptcy, and landlord action; licensed general contracting; and a robust real estate brokerage.

While they certainly have the track record and clients to make a media splash, Black Crown Inc. has deliberately decided to fly “under the radar.” The black swan of the real estate industry, Naghibi and Black Crown Inc. are dedicated to producing outstanding results worthy of their unique clientele’s pedigree with concierge services unheard of the industry all while retaining iron clad anonymity.

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