Blackkingkofi: Substantiated That Not Every Skill Is Amassed From Only School

To learn variant skills, one needs extreme dedication and curiosity, some people attain such skills from YouTube and Google which are serving as an independent arena for learning, Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey also gained his knowledge from these platforms. Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey is also known as Blackkingkofi in his marketing and music industry.

Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey is a well-known Blogger and a musician who was born in Canada and brought up in Trinidad and Tobago. Being a pro musician and digital marketer his wisdom for the same is not from any institution, but only because of his hard chore and dedication. His initial education was from the University of Trinidad and Tobago from where he pursued electrical engineering.

Though he pursued engineering, his skillset and curiosity made him comprehend more about marketing and music, so he learned from online courses and YouTube tutorials. He made prudent use of the internet to attain as much knowledge as he can and created his own direction of success. Thus, ascertaining skillfully that one does not need to go to school to amass such knowledge it can only be achieved by one’s interest and hard work.

Setting a benchmark by his work and proving as a precise example this guy is reaping ahead on the avenue of accomplishment. For his bright future, we wish him good luck.

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