Blake Linder, Hypebeast Youtuber to Filmmaker

The streetwear and sneaker industry are the two largest leading subcultures in fashion. Today, we look to both “Hypebeast” and “Sneakerheads” for the latest collections and knowledgeable information behind all the top brands. What defines a “Hypebeast” and “Sneakerhead”? A “Hypebeast”; an influential person who “hypes up” the latest trends in fashion, with the purpose of making a fashion statement.

A “Sneakerhead”; a person who collects many pairs of sneakers and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the shoe industry. Social media has made a strong impact in making this possible by following your favorite Hypebeast and Sneakerheads. Blake Linder is one of both, being one of the youngest leading influencers in the game.

At the young age of 15 years old, Blake started his shoe passion after being gifted his first pair of Zoom Kobe 6 Proto ‘All Star’s by his father. This was the catalyst to his career, where he started his YouTube channel that consists of sneakers reviews and entertaining vlogs accumulating over 100 million views and over 700,000 subscribers.

Blake Linder isn’t just your typical YouTuber, he films and edits all his own videos and at only 19 years old has started his own store, BSNEAK shop. The hardworking and self-made influencer has made a name for himself, collaborating with the top brands including Manscape, Squarespace, Sneaker Con, Puma, Reebok, NBA and Footlocker and celebrities Offset, Famous Dex, Food God, Yasiel Puig, and Virgil Abloh.

Just when you think he’s done it all, Blake Linder isn’t stopping there. He is now pursuing his latest career endeavors by attending Dodge College Film at Chapman, getting a degree to become the next big filmmaker. Blake plans to make films that inspire and address social issues while making it entertaining to his audience. As we know, Blake only delivers the best content and we are anxiously awaiting to see his success as he transitions into the film industry.

Check out Blake Linder on his social media channels; Instagram and YouTube (@BlakeLinder) where you can get the latest fashion drops, reviews, and a look into his everyday life through his vlogs. 

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