Blockchain Technology in Marketing: Differentiate Your Brand and Become Leading Forward-Thinking Company

No matter how big or small, every business can find tremendous value in the rising tide of blockchain marketing technology. This technology is changing the relationship between consumers and brands as we move as a collective whole from Web 2 to Web 3.

With a decentralized and encrypted ledger technology, marketers can address not only privacy concerns, improve security, on the flip side also be more transparent and address chain of custody concerns customers may have. Adding Blockchain as part of a business offering can help scale businesses to new heights. Reducing click fraud and facilitating direct connections with publishers, blockchain technology can greatly increase the ROI of advertising.

Blockchain marketing involves having customers more directly interact with your brand through your digital platform as well as a new element of audience building through the metaverse & VR/IR technology, improved precision in the tracking of referral programs, and altogether new business models with digital asset tokenomics.

Despite the rise of blockchain technology over the last decade, many still regard it as a nascent industry or just a means for anonymously transferring money for illegal purposes.

If that is the case with you too, you should be aware of one fact this is the fastest growing technology in all of recorded history; seeing adoption at twice the pace of the internet! You may be missing out.

Blockchain Marketing Is the Future of Branding

The expansion of blockchain technology and Web3 is disrupting the standard ways companies handle digital marketing and advertising. In fact, the rise of cryptocurrency helped level the playing field.

Meaning, small businesses have the same broad access to consumers as the big ones leveraging this technology first.  One example is a company out of Houston Texas that has been around for 20 years has pivoted to the Web 3 space has produced some interesting results.

EWR Digital has demonstrated returns far higher than with the traditional marketing mix with a number of different brands in different industries. As a nationally recognized and awarded digital marketing agency with a knack for thinking outside the box, EWR Digital has a few neat tricks to share with you if you choose to enter the potent world of crypto marketing and branding.

Since a new, decentralized financial system is on the rise, their mission is to make the world a better place and to promote brands that deserve to succeed in the Web 3 world that is on the horizon. As a full-service marketing agency, the team at EWR Digital is helping businesses ready to take the leap into crypto marketing and branding via NFTs, thought leadership, massive media coverage, and more.

“Brand awareness and trust-building are critical to keep and build your customer base. When customers trust your brand message and relate to your brand story, they will remain customers for life and become your most powerful advocates. Creating a powerful brand story delivered by clear and focused messaging with a memorable and professional creative aesthetic is the basis for a successful brand foundation.” says, Matt Bertram head of strategy for EWR Digital.

EWR Digital Specializes in Blockchain Marketing

Digital marketing has a vast set of rules and tactics. However, every business is different, and so are its marketing needs. EWR Digital offers end-to-end digital solutions dealing with strategy, creative process, production, and analytics to help you create a sparkling digital presence. In addition, they will ensure your efforts don’t go down the drain because you used the wrong strategy.

As an innovative full-service agency, EWR Digital is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. As such, they are firm believers in the future of the blockchain industry. As a result, they have dedicated a considerable amount of resources to developing the most creative storytelling and advertising strategies.

Blockchain technology will be one of the most significant disruptors over the next decade, along with Al. With it, marketers can reduce costs, improve targeting, increase customer trust, and meet consumer demands for enhanced privacy and security.

Like all disruptive technologies, blockchain will be leveraged by startups and small businesses to compete against established brands. The digital marketing ecosystem will change, and marketers need to evaluate how they can leverage the technology to gain a competitive advantage.

For over 20 years now, EWR Digital has been a pioneer in the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. When it comes to SEO, paid media, web design, and crypto branding, they can proudly say they are the pack’s alpha dog.

To learn how EWR Digital can help prepare your company for blockchain technology and create a digital strategy that delivers ROI, visit the company’s website or Google business profile.

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