Blue One Owners Reveal the Roots of Their Company and Maintaining Its Success

Blue one

Starting a boutique requires a lot of planning. You need to be sure about the styles that people like, the fabric they prefer, and the décor items they use at home. Fortunately, Jarret and Crystal, the owners of Blue One, are no strangers to figuring out these details. Blue One is now the leading boutique for residents in Hamptons. But it wasn’t easy for the couple to bring Blue One this far. Although both had strong backgrounds in fashion, they weren’t able to efficiently promote their business because of the lack of social media back in 2007. Despite this challenge, Blue One hasn’t only survived but thrived amidst the stiff competition.

Running the business and exchanging vows

Both Jarret and Crystal agree that running a boutique where NYC elites buy regularly isn’t easy. More than the collections, they need to focus on quality control and shipping. That takes a lot of time. Moreover, the couple didn’t have social media to promote their business online when they first started.

Crystal and Jarret knew each other for a long time. They were deeply in love when they decided to start Blue One. One and a half years later, the couple got married. According to Crystal, their marriage worked in favor of their business. People would relate to their stories affectionately. They appreciated the hard work that the couple put into tackling their business, along with their personal lives.

As social media started becoming popular, Jarret and Crystal saw a massive increase in their follower count. Enthusiastic customers would like their Facebook page and wait for updates regarding discounts and sales. They even comment on the couple’s Instagram posts of their vacations. 

Crystal says, “It’s as if we are a part of a big family. We never imagined we would get such a lovely response from our customers. We feel proud that our plan to make so many people happy came true.”

Even customers don’t hold back from appreciating the couple. One of them wrote, “Jarret and Crystal’s love story is an inspiration for many. I’ve been a customer since Blue One’s inception. Watching them grow is like watching your kids grow slowly and steadily. We feel delighted when we buy anything from Blue One. I think I will never want to move to another brand anytime soon.”

Tackling enormous success

Jarret and Crystal are excellent managers of Blue One. Although the brand has achieved enormous success, the couple didn’t let it affect their personal lives. Jarret believes that the best way to tackle success is to enjoy it every moment. The couple doesn’t miss an opportunity to wish birthdays and anniversaries to their customers. They are aware that a little personal touch goes a long way to maintaining their business’s reputation. In return, many customers take them on private plane tours and cruises in $100,000,000 yachts. The couple thinks that mutual respect is the key to Blue One’s success.

The Hamptons Royalty Couple doesn’t have any plans to diversify their business. They want to continue working hard to ensure that Hamptons’ elites will keep their company moving forward.

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