Bobby 24 Expands Faster Than Planned, Another Success by Bobby Borisov

April 22, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA- ”Don’t wait. Life goes faster than you think” That can be applied in this situation with the new venture, Bobby24 that Bobby Borisov launched recently. During the testing period, Bobby24, an International Business Communication Platform received huge attention from investors and the online community around the world. Deal flow and valuations are reaching new heights in technology startups, as a flood of cheap cash fuels efforts to find the industry’s next big winners, from software to social media.

In the first quarter this year, U.S. startups raised $69 billion from investors—41% more than the previous record, set in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to data firm PitchBook Data Inc. The average valuation for startups at all stages also reached a new high, and more than tripled from last year to $1.6 billion for late-stage companies.

Investors are offering startups five times or more than the amount of money they are asking, also deals that used to take months now sometimes close in days, according to venture capitalists, deal makers and founders. Startups are raising cash every few months rather than every couple of years, and valuations are soaring with each new check.

Demand for Bobby24 is surging as the economy opens up and companies expand their use of technology to enhance the customer experience, increase sales and improve operations. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated corporate digital transformations, with many companies now relying more on the internet to communicate with clients, make products smarter, improve the customer experience and boost other business functions. Bobby24 offers all those functions in their best form and with an emphasis on being user friendly. 

Bobby24 follows a “freemium” model, where a free version is offered, and users can convert to paying customers if they want improved usage and advanced functionalities. Bobby24 combines the free model with a direct sales force to acquire enterprise customers. Bobby24 combines a self-service go-to-market approach to attract non-paying users. At the same time, it uses direct sales efforts to growing the paid users within larger organizations.

Therefore, the sales process usually follows this flywheel model:

  • Bobby24 free version easily attracts many users.
  • Self-service users become leads for salespeople.
  • Salespeople convert free users into paying customers, usually within larger enterprises.
  • These larger enterprises than join in, create organic awareness of Bobby24 inside and outside of their organizations.
  • Bobby24 keeps investing in its product, and customer experience.
  • It also employs after sales customer success representative, which makes it easy to trigger referral customers.

Currently Bobby is working on making Bobby24 the number one Business Communication Platform in India, which is a country growing in the world’s business market with a lot of potential to advance to the highest services of Bobby24. In order to achieve that, Bobby is in talks with highly influential personalities in India. “Keep going, keep growing”.

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