Bodybuilding Is Not Just About Muscles – Chang Hun Chung Gives Valuable Insights On Bodybuilding And Fitness

One of the many things said about bodybuilders is “it’s for showing off.” However, fitness enthusiasts disagree with it. Being fit and working on your body is one of the most essential parts of life. Chang Hun Chung, the South Korean-German bodybuilder, and winner of the German Bodybuilding Championship 2019 brings some of the best insights on the perks of bodybuilding.

You Remain Organized

One of the many perks of being a bodybuilder or even heading to the gym is an organized lifestyle. Even if one is not working out for professional outcomes, adhering to a general workout routine can get things organized. A person knows to set his routine, spare time for the gym, shop for the food recommended by his trainer, etc. All this allows people to form an organized routine. It sets the flow for their day, every day.

You Remain Consistent

One of the best things that happen with bodybuilding is consistency. Even if you’re not going pro, you remain consistent in what you do. A set routine pattern gives a boost to overall mental progress. You gain strength both physically and mentally. According to Chang, “Consistency is the key to become a successful bodybuilder is consistency and perseverance. Getting up every day to follow the same routine can be a hassle. But keeping a goal in your mind and working on it every day is what differentiates winners from others.”

You Know You’re Working On Yourself

As stated earlier, most people call bodybuilders showoffs because of their huge sizes and muscles. However, that is not true. The key to a good bodybuilding routine is to believe in what you do. When starting you need to understand and accept that you’re doing this for yourself. It’s not for someone else.

When such a strong mental stance is made, you’re able to go miles in your workout routine. You don’t have time to worry about what others say because you’re busy improving yourself every day.

Boosts Mental Health

Bodybuilding is not just the strength of the body; it highly depends on the strength of your brain too. People with low esteem can opt for bodybuilding as it has been proven to boost mental strength and self-esteem.

Training, working out, acrobats, etc. all kinds of physical routines have been proven to lift the mood and reduce stress. Bodybuilding is specifically targeted as a flow of negative emotions in your body boosts the urge to do more.

Plus, with workouts, your body releases endorphin, a hormone chemical that influences mood. At the end of the day, you get less fatigue and psychological tension but good sleep. Stress and anxiety are reduced exceptionally.

Improves Nutrition

When you’re working out in a gym, you burn a lot of calories and energy. The reason why most people often quit is because of a lack of the potential for lifting weights. However, with a proper trainer, you’re able to get a full idea of your diet.

A healthy diet is one of the key improvement factors when it comes to bodybuilding. Chang Hun Chung presents a complete diet plan, personalized according to the needs of every person. His brand, Physiques Unlimited, features complete diet plans that are personalized for different needs.

Bodybuilders need to consume food with high antioxidants. These nutrients improve muscle memory as well as helping to gain mass while keeping the body naturally fit.

Improved Motor Control

Here motor control means the control of your nervous system. Your mind is the biggest weapon that you can be wielded. While exercising, you need to train your mind to spend more time on different activities.

Since there are different exercise activities, each having difficulty with its level. Hence, your mind should be in your control, motivating your body to overcome hurdles in your way to get fit.


Everyone begins as a beginner; so do bodybuilders. This is something Chang realizes and is working on. His brand, Physiques Unlimited is set to launch international coaching sessions for those that want to be trained by a pro. You not only get to teach and train others but also get to learn from already established bodybuilders.

You Get To Represent

When people ask about your interest in bodybuilding, you get to represent it. Chang’s passion for bodybuilding began at an early age. Working on his goal, he stood by his passion, which motivated him to continue his journey. But what motivated him the most is when he began representing the industry. Telling people the perks of bodybuilding, teaching others, and showing what one can achieve through passion.

This is one of the many perks of bodybuilding. No matter what others say, you have to remind yourself why you’re doing it. It’s not about just physical appearance, it’s about mental strength too, and bodybuilding is one of the best sports for mental strength.

Depression, Stress & Anxiety Are Reduced

Everyone is looking for solutions to deal with their stress, anxiety, or depression. For bodybuilders, working out in the gym is the most natural and healthiest way of handling them. Your mind gets diverted on handling your gains and your body releases its stress during workouts.

Character development comes gradually as you become patient and a great stress-handler. With every workout, you become to discipline yourself while obtaining mental and physical strength. Chang’s motivation comes from the chance that he gets every day to better himself. With different modes, machines, and ways to try, working out isn’t boring for him at all.

In a Nutshell

People consider bodybuilding a tough sport, which is true in every sense. However, unlike other sports, it requires more than just 100% body and mind strength combination. One needs to be on their A-game all the time to make workouts fruitful. A professional such as Chang Hun Chung started as a beginner; however, progressing steadily without quitting; that’s what made him a champion today. It’s enough motivation for those that are looking for benefits of bodybuilding. The above-mentioned ones are more than enough to compel anyone to begin training right away.

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