Bolli Blas Shares the Secret on How She Creates Unique Art

For Polish artist Bolli Blas, it is the wide-eyed characters called Bollis that frequent her paintings that serve as her unique signature as an artist. 

These Bollis represent the message of love, equality, and peace that Bolli Blas encourages throughout the world. 

“I rarely paint things I see. My art is usually an expression of thoughts that linger on my mind, inspired by people and things around me,” she said. 

Finding Inspiration Everywhere 

Bolli’s art is influenced by her experience when she was backpacking through the poorest countries of Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. There, she learned to look at life differently and eventually come to the realization of spreading positivity through her art. 

Until today, she uses that same experience as an inspiration for her artworks as well as those that she gains from her everyday life. 

“For me, inspiration comes from within and without. Everything and anything inspires me. I’m fascinated by people and I want to express what’s around me and what’s on my mind. I find inspiration in the people I meet, conversations, music that moves me, current affairs, life experiences I’ve had. Even my cat inspires me. It also comes from my dreams and I keep a notepad by the side of my bed to write down any ideas before they fade with the waking dawn,” she shares. 

Once the seed of inspiration has been planted in Bolli’s head, she does what she can to develop it until she finally takes it to the canvas where her renowned Bollis are born.

How Life Experiences Develop Art 

Since Bolli’s art is inspired by her experiences, she believes that it is through those circumstances that help develop art. 

“Once we have something to express, something to say, the art starts growing. It’s important to get rid of the notion that art is this thing only accessible to a few gifted people. To me, art is not about skill but about an idea,” she explained. 

For the Polish artist, everyone can express themselves through painting and everyone can create amazing, unique art.

“I think it’s important for artists to create something new instead of trying to copy what has already been done. It might take experimenting with different techniques to discover what you like. The main thing is to be yourself. The whole world is your canvas and everything you want to say can be expressed through art which is your voice,” Bolli added. 

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