BondApp Creator Jamal Taleb Figured Out How to Create a Social App Pushing People Offline

Meeting people in person that you met online was virtually unheard of a decade or two ago. Today, it’s looking like it may be the main way people meet each other, especially during these times of social distancing and lockdowns. People want that real-life connection and don’t want to just stay within a virtual world that consists of endless text conversations. Most social apps aren’t pushing people offline because they want them to keep using the app. However, there is a new app that is committed to helping people get together in person: BondApp.

Created by millennial entrepreneur Jamal Taleb, BondApp is designed to connect people with the same interests within their immediate geographical area so they can meet up in person. This is something that has caught on rapidly in the Northeast, especially in the Boston area.

This app connects you with others who are actually there, making meeting others at that very moment seamless and simple. Whether two people connect over working in the same industry, enjoying the same music, or something else, there is the opportunity to have that real-life human connection right away. Too many apps have exhausted their users by requiring too much back and forth before meeting someone face-to-face. That’s no longer the case with BondApp.

CEO and founder of BondApp, Taleb, loves a good challenge. That’s why he embarked on a mission to create the app. He saw how people were increasingly unsatisfied with what other social apps are providing. Jamal saw their frustration in the number of fake profiles that lead to nowhere. Even worse, he noticed the very real problem of catfishing, which over a quarter of Gen Z are worried would happen to them at some point on social apps.

None of those are issues any longer thanks to the way BondApp is set up. People want to connect with one another more than ever. After all, some places have had to deal with some sort of lockdown since March 2020. That’s why BondApp has become increasingly popular over the last several months. By using the location feature on your smartphone, you can connect with other people using the app who are less than 200 feet from you.

There are plenty of social apps out there, but they are rife with security and safety issues, not to mention disappointments. That’s why Taleb crafted a solution that will virtually guarantee a positive connection with someone literally within walking distance. Of course, you’ll want to send them a quick ping to let them know you’re in their vicinity. If you both want to meet at a cafe nearby, then you can easily do so.

Just because it’s more challenging to get together right right now doesn’t mean it’s impossible. As long as you keep six feet away, you can enjoy face-to-face connections with others during these times when we need human connection the most. You can learn more about BondApp on the official website, where you can also download it for both iPhone and Android.

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