Bong Trend – The Ultimate Bengali Entertainment Platform

Intoxicated with stress and load of work, modern life has got really hectic and even leading a normal life has become more of a struggle. People running after comfort and luxury are ironically drawn towards mental disturbance and uneasiness. This inherently calls for the need for entertainment in daily life which numbs the tensed nerves and fills a sensation of peace. Bong Trend thus intends to entertain the Bengali community bringing all the elements of entertainment on the same platform.

What is Bong Trend ?

Bong Trend is an ultimate entertainment destination for Bengali people, which provides amazing entertainment content, videos, galleries with lots of information. Bong Trend was founded by Banglahunt Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. in January 2021. It is purely dedicated to the Bengali people to fresh their mind, and make them happy. Within just 3 month of Launching this platform, it earned millions of visitors per month.

Banglahunt Digital Media, is mainly known for their popular news portal Bangla Hunt. Competing with thousands of Bangla news portals, Bangla Hunt stands firmly covering all types of news of West Bengal and India, untouched with biasness for a particular group or organization. It gives the information without adding personal opinion .Bangla Hunt was launched in 2017; to show the latest the breaking news in the least span of time. It covers- breaking Entertainment, sports, politics, India, West Bengal, International, Lifestyle and Ajker Rashifal and many more.

Bong Trend- News wrapped in Entertainment:

What could be better than having news and entertainment on the same platform ! Being aware of the latest trends in the news with a touch of entertainment is all that we need. Bong Trend mainly covers Bengali entertainment, Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood news ,Viral Images, Videos, Serials, Gossip, jokes, memes, trending news and more.

Considering the lack of digital media which is completely dedicated to the West Bengal Tollywood industry, Bangla Hunt brings Bong Trend for readers who are obsessed with entertainment news. Bong Trend is mostly famous for the content on Bengali serials, Web Series, Movies, And Tollywood Celebrities.

Tollywood name was inscribed from the very first Hollywood-inspired name, dating back to a 1932 article in the American Cinematographer by Wilford E. Deming, an American engineer who was involved in the production of the first Indian sound film.

He considered the name Tollywood as most suitable because the Tollygunge district in which it was based rhymed with “Hollywood,” and because at the time when Hollywood was in the cinema of the United States, Tollygunge was the center of the cinema of India as a whole.Thus ‘Tollywood’ sprung as the symbol of Bengali Entertainment.

Why is the name  ‘Bong’ Trend ?

Due to the change in the political scenario in West Bengal, in the 1980s,the Bengalis were forced to leave the state in search of better career options. This led to the development of ‘Bong’ identity, which symbolized their emotional attachment towards West Bengal and at the same time well integrated with the cosmopolitan environment of India and abroad. Thus, the name is true to its content and audience.

During a conversation the CEO- Krishna Chandra talked about the aim of entertaining the Bengali community through the medium of Bong Trend. Their aim is to reach more than 10 million Bengali people. In Spite of wandering among the varieties of entertainment Bong Trend functions as a platform which shows its complete dedication towards the Bengali entertainment.

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