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Boost Your Personal Brand and Work on Your Mindset: The Experience of Young Entrepreneur Joseph Samuel Song

Discover the benefits of personal branding and reach your goals with tips from Joseph Samuel Song, the young entrepreneur who at only 19 years old manages 15 YouTube channels without making videos.

One of the biggest mistakes of some entrepreneurs, perhaps due to inexperience, is not to give importance to their personal brand as an elemental part of the beginning of a business. When in fact, this aspect represents a fundamental factor in making the difference between the known and the unknown, even more so within the online world. Dedicating enough time to work on and invest in a personal brand is as important as carrying out any undertaking.

The young entrepreneur Joseph Samuel Song acknowledges this topic. That is why, since he started his business through YouTube Automation at the age of 17, he has given great relevance to his personal brand and has invested in it with great effort to become known as a professional and entrepreneur.

With only 19 years, Joseph Samuel is already among the most prominent entrepreneurs in the digital environment. His interest in online entrepreneurship processes began when he was still in high school and saw through YouTube, different testimonies of entrepreneurs, whose businesses were having a great boom in social media.

“If they can, why can’t I?” was the question that occupied Joseph’s head at the time and prompted him to begin his entrepreneurial journey with great determination.

However, within this path, the barriers were not easy to overcome. From changing the traditionalist view of his parents, whose dream was to see their little boy with a college degree in Law, Medicine or Engineering. Until having to spend more time working on aspects such as his personal brand, to advance as an entrepreneur.

Further Growth

One of the main benefits that Joseph sees in the use and development of a personal brand is the growth that this resource brings to your image and, therefore, to your business. Investing time and dedication in your personal brand will allow you to transmit to people what you do and how you do it.

However, this requires dedication, patience, and effort. Joseph points out that working on a personal brand, expecting it to pay off from the beginning, is a common mistake. And that many will be disappointed if they wait for it to happen.

The results will come progressively and grow as you continue to work on it. With creativity, commitment, and quality to make a real difference.


In addition to growth, Joseph Samuel points out that personal branding brings identification. That is, it allows people to identify you, by your work, by your personality, among others.

If you know how to properly manage your personal brand, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest and excel in whatever you do. Also, the work of a brand is to help other people identify with you. They feel empathy towards what you do or the way you do it and they follow you for that reason.


A solidly built personal brand conveys great leadership skills and can even be motivating and inspiring for many people.

In Joseph’s case, it was having the opportunity to see other entrepreneurs, their work, their motivation, and willingness to carry out their business that inspired him to start his path.

In large part, this is one of the qualities of a personal brand, it allows you to tell a story, your story, which could be an inspiration or the push that someone needs to also start their journey.

Joseph bases his personal brand on telling the story of his business journey and with YouTube. This has helped many people learn about the benefits of this platform and how to take advantage of it.

People Know and Follow You

Personal branding also allows people to know you, follow you and even know how or where to look for you if they want to learn from you or hire your services. This is a powerful and, above all, powerful element for those who want to start a business.

By working on your personal brand first, you will be able to move forward on the road to gaining followers and moving towards your goal.

By building his personal brand, Joseph Samuel has been able to favorably expand his business. He currently manages over 15 cash cow channels and manages around 100 channels for hundreds of clients.

Besides, these processes have allowed him to share his knowledge with others and guide them in teaching the business. His paths are diverse, however, they all point to the same purpose: to continue growing and to have the best results in his area. 

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Kevin Leyes

Written by Kevin Leyes

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company, and Leyes Media, an SMM and PR agency. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council.

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