Boosting Your Engagement and Getting Free Instagram Followers

Almost 80% of American businesses now use social media as part of their overall marketing strategy. Social media can boost your brand awareness and help you reach new customers. It can also help you generate engagement and fresh leads.

Without a strong social media following, however, your competitors could get ahead of the pack. You could boost engagement by getting free Instagram followers on websites (like ours!). While you’re at it, it’s still important to start boosting engagement naturally, too.

Follow our 10-step guide to boost engagement on your Instagram profile. With these tips, you can draw in new followers and stand out from the crowd.

Get started with these 10 easy tips today!

1. Know Your Audience

Before you can boost audience engagement and get more followers, it helps to know who those followers are. Who is your ideal customer?

The better you understand your target audience, the more likely you can appeal to their interests. Then, you can naturally boost Instagram engagement with posts they love!

Appealing to your target audience’s interests and needs can help you better connect with customers.

Your followers will keep coming back for more, knowing you post content they care about.

When determining your target audience, segment your customers into buyer personas based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Location
  • Buying behaviors
  • Pain points
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Education

You can’t appeal to every customer with a single post. Instead, you can create different posts for different personas.

About 70% of people in the US have a social media account. Many people are already following brands they love.

Take a look at the brands your followers already adore. Then, look at their posts. What are those brands posting to boost audience engagement?

Learning from their posts can help you recognize new opportunities with your own Instagram engagement strategy. Then, you can post content your audience loves to start getting followers!

2. Remain True to Your Brand

Before you start using these tips to gather free Instagram followers, consider your branding. Brand consistency is essential if you want to build awareness and recognition. Otherwise, consumers might confuse your brand with another.

In fact, brand consistency can boost revenues by 23%. About 60% of consumers prefer to purchase from familiar brands, too.

You can maintain brand consistency throughout your social media posts to boost recognition. As people see your value, you could build brand trust. In time, brand loyalty will grow, helping you retain customers.

In fact, loyalty can be worth 10 times as much as a single purchase. A 2% increase in customer retention can lower costs by as much as 10%, too!

Keep your brand in mind as you start creating your posts.

3. Create High-Quality Images

One of the best ways to start boosting engagement and get more followers is to post eye-catching images. Instagram is a visual medium. If you’re not creating high-quality graphics, you’ll fail to stand apart on the feed.

Make sure your posts are worth saving, too. Encouraging people to save your posts can help you earn more engagement. Boosting engagement can help you appear more often on feeds.

For example, you can create a carousel post with helpful tips. Then, use a “save this post” call-to-action to encourage people to save it.

4. Diversify Your Posts

As you start creating content for your Instagram engagement strategy, consider diversifying your posts. You can review your analytics to determine which posts boost audience engagement.

In addition to eye-catching still images, you can also post:

  • Carousels (posts with multiple images)
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Live videos
  • Animations

Live videos can help you connect with users directly. You can share news and start boosting engagement. Schedule time to answer questions and refer to your followers by name.

Create compelling content that gets your followers more involved with your posts, too. For example, you can create a contest, quiz, poll, or ask questions. Don’t forget to use a CTA to encourage people to react to your posts.

As you start creating content, A/B test. Review the data to determine what works best for your audience.

5. Craft Strong Captions

It’s not enough to have eye-catching images. If you want free Instagram followers, you need to craft strong captions, too.

Create captions that give your posts more context. Showcase your brand’s personality through your voice and tone, too.

Try to tell a story with your posts as well.

Then, end the post with a strong CTA. What do you want people to do after seeing your post? You can start getting followers if you prompt people to follow you!

6. Share UGC

User-generated content (UGC) can encourage people to speak up about your brand! Encourage your followers to send photos using your product or service. Then, have them use a branded hashtag to ensure those posts are easy to find.

As you share their content, they’ll share your post with their audience, helping you reach more followers.

7. Respond to Comments

As you start receiving comments, don’t forget to comment back. Engagement is a two-way street! Show followers you’re eager to hear from them by joining the conversation.

Make time in your day to answer questions and respond to concerns after every post.

8. Time It Right

Timing is everything! If you want to boost audience engagement, start by posting consistently. Consider when you post as well.

Use your analytics to determine what time is best for sharing your content. Then, develop a schedule to remain consistent. Consistency will help you remain top-of-mind with followers.

9. Use Your Hashtags

If people aren’t finding your content, you could struggle to get more followers. Instead, use hashtags to acquire traffic and build a buzz.

Don’t use too many hashtags, though. Otherwise, your posts could come off as spammy.

Use hashtags to join trending conversations to develop a branded campaign. Play with different hashtags to see which work to help you reach your audience.

10. Analyze and Optimize

As you use these 10 effective tips, don’t forget to analyze your data. Data can help you make more informed decisions regarding your posts. Then, you can start getting followers and boosting engagement.

Give Engagement a Boost: 10 Effective Tips for Gaining Free Instagram Followers

Don’t let your posts fall in the background. Instead, use these 10 effective tips for gaining free Instagram followers. With these tips, you can boost audience engagement and get more followers than ever!

Once you have a loyal audience of followers, you can gather more leads and boost your business.

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