Boston Rapper Vasjan Zisi Takes Over the Internet

A clear-cut vision is essential in driving people forward. Without an image of the desired future in mind to guide one’s efforts, success will remain an unachievable concept. For the Albanian creative and independent artist Vasjan Zisi, it helps that he has set his eyes on reaching impressive heights in the music and entertainment industry. Armed with the goal of dominating the game, he has emerged among a plethora of other artists to make a name for himself.

Born in Athens, Greece, this Albanian native demonstrated the potential of becoming a household name early. At the age of sixteen, he made his first steps toward the forefront of the industry by helping organize shows for his high school. After graduating from Raqi Qirinxhi, he put up his own events in the city of Korce, Albania, gaining recognition for his shows and making waves in the Albanian music scene. 

Vasjan Zisi, better known as Vas, moved to Massachusetts in 2018. Working with numerous powerhouses such as Lil Baby, Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion, Da Baby, NLE Choppa, and many more, this go-getter went all-out in establishing his name in an industry known for its cutthroat and competitive nature. Highly driven to carve a path toward the summit, he capitalized on his arsenal of skills and know-how of the digital space to distinguish himself apart from other aspirants. 

Vasjan Zisi managed to snag several accomplishments under his belt as a music promoter, including the “2020 Promoter of the Year” award. This multifaceted personality, who is also the owner of two huge playlists on Apple Music titled “New England Top 50” and “Rhode Island Top 50,” then expanded his impact by showcasing his artistry as a musician. News of his new endeavor circulated online in November of 2020, which he confirmed when he posted a short clip of him shooting a music video together with fellow artist Ron Suno. 

Aided by the power of the Internet in allowing people to reach countless lives and make a mark on a larger scale, Vasjan Zisi immediately entered the public consciousness as his short clip went viral. Plastered all over social media, it gives listeners a glimpse of the highly anticipated song “Pull Up N Ride,” which features Ron Suno and is set to drop in January of 2021. 

This Boston-based rapper is aiming to take center stage with his distinctive artistry, talents, and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Proudly representing the city of Boston, which hasn’t had a representative in the hip-hop scene in a long time, he plans to create a position for himself among the giants of the music and entertainment world. 

Backed by the support of his city and over 150,000 thousand followers on Instagram alone, Vasjan Zisi, who has been co-signed by Tory Lanez and Da Baby, plans to release more phenomenal tracks in the future. As he solidifies his reputation as a music promoter and independent rapper even further, he hopes to be one of the future faces of the music industry.

Learn more about Vasjan Zisi by visiting his Instagram page. 

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