Bouc Media is a Top Instagram Marketing Agency That Delivers Results for Other Marketing Agencies!

Bouc Media is a Top Instagram Marketing Agency That Delivers Results For Other Marketing Agencies!

Social media has changed how people will market their brands going forward. With corporate conglomerates spending eight and even nine-figure marketing budgets online, social media has seen a huge surge in advertising over the past few years pulling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Tik Tok into companies worth billions and billions of dollars.

Why is social media marketing usurping budgets? It is because of “results” and “cheap cost per acquisition” says Christien Bouc, founder of Bouc Media, a top Instagram Marketing agency that grows brands primarily for other marketing agencies. 

Naturally, Bouc Media started working with brands in a B2C setting when it was first established. The company started by taking on the author Greg Ruppert in 2016 as a client and other local businesses before catching the eye of several 7 figure companies including: Circuit Cubes, Marsreel, and Chin Gregory. Also, a 1.5M follower Instagram model named Elizabeth Chevalier noticed how Christien and his team were disrupting the industry at Bouc Media and became a client.

Since then, Bouc Media has worked with many other high net worth companies and influencers, but Bouc says “over 80% of our business comes from other agencies who resell our services to their clients because they provide volume with our done-for-you services.”

Zeroing on your target customer, and narrowing down who you can help is a surefire way to stand out in a noisy marketplace. With tens of thousands of marketing agencies across the world, Bouc Media focuses on delivering done-for-you services that other agencies can resell to their clients.

Bouc Media specializes in delivering USA followers for clients and conducting influencer marketing campaigns to build a fanbase. In addition, CEO Christien Bouc says “Not only do we grow clients real followers, but we can even perform targeted campaigns in specific niches.”

The goals of the client are the most important thing, and because of Bouc Media’s transparency, they have earned the trust of many resellers who scale their business and make more money with Bouc Media services. Bouc Media cumulatively grows clients of more than 200,000 followers per month.

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