Brand UR Name: #1 in Apparel for Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Corporate Businesses

Brand UR Name is a custom clothing company helping aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, businesses, and global enterprises to grow their clothing brands and merchandise income streams. Brand UR Name provides everything to build a clothing brand starting from designing, manufacturing to order fulfillment and marketing services. The custom clothing company welcomes fresh ideas from clients and shapes them to create nationwide brands. 

The company has a dedicated team of professional fashion designers, production managers, and marketing experts making the services easy, transparent, fun, and Informative for their clients. Brand UR Name handles the whole process from conceptualization, product design, to sourcing and manufacturing so their clients can focus on improving customer relationships and building their brand value. 

Customization and Communication

Brand UR Name believes in developing the thoughts and ideas of their clients to make their services an informative experience for them. The company offers numerous options to choose from and even suggests what best suits the business requirements and concepts for the clients. 

Apart from educating their clients on brand building, Brand UR Name as a manufacturer of customized apparel also offers exciting packages and services that benefit newcomers, experienced designers, and enterprises alike. These packages range from lower minimum to high-end fashion services to give the client complete freedom to fully meet their optimum designer potential. This means the company works from scratch to create customized garments for their clients. Starting from fabrics, colors, designs, style, pockets, zippers, to even inner tags and hang tags, everything can be customized at Brand UR Name.

The company maintains transparent and strategic communication with the clients at every step (from quote request to delivery) to ensure that every move by their team has prior approval from the client. This not only increases the rate of customer satisfaction but also prepares their team to understand the ideas of the customers better. Brand UR Name also resolves customer queries and problems by explaining solutions and providing guidance related to future actions that can help their business grow. The company has an active support team to answer all the questions for clients to eliminate all grey areas. 


Brand UR Name has helped thousands of new and experienced designers and businesses to transform their dream into reality. The company started its journey from a small garage in Albany, New York and now BrandURName is a world-renowned custom clothing company for aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, and businesses. The business that initially started with manufacturing sample shirts gradually moved on to cut and sew and now they are managing two large warehouse facilities. 

The success behind Brand UR Name lies in the company’s undying spirit to create new designs for its customers. The company constantly strives to provide better services to help their clients stand out from their competition. To date, the company has helped more than 8,000 brands to build nationwide recognition for themselves with more brands joining every day. 

Brand UR Name is contracted with the famous Ebony magazine that features stories on entertainment and lifestyle. Right now the company works with top global brands like Starbucks and also offers services to the police force, military organizations, and universities nationwide. 

Educating their clients about their custom services has been the secret behind the success of Brand UR Name because they believe their client’s success is their real accomplishment.  Their innovative spirit is reflected in their unique designs that have helped their clients build brand value that will pay dividends for years to come.

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