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Branden Condy Doesn’t Follow the Rules, He Reinvents Them

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

There are a number of accepted formulas to follow if one wants to be successful, such as going to university, getting a nine-to-five desk job, and getting a mortgage. While billions of people follow these notions without question, Branden Condy has decided to create his own rules and design a dream life according to his own interests and passion. Condy is a social media influencer followed by over 250,000 people. He is an entrepreneurial mastermind and a powerful motivator.

The astounding fact about Condy is that he went from a struggling bartender to an Instagram influencer enjoying a life of wealth and prosperity in a mere 45 days. He is sharing his secret to inspire others to sidestep the status quo of the American economy and create their dream lives fearlessly.


“I spend significant time on social media, and what I have seen time and again is Millennials complaining about the economy, and I fully understand why. Not too long ago, I was a broke bartender. Life was a struggle. But then I decided to reject that reality and build a better future. The first step I took was to rethink all of my beliefs and decide to reinvent myself. In just about 45 days, I got involved with Instagram and became an influencer. From then on, I created a team of hundreds of affiliates, built connections, amassed thousands of dollars in revenue, and turned my world upside down in the best way possible,” Condy says.


Branden left the life of struggle behind and moved into a penthouse that he could afford entirely on his own. Now, he has a successful Amazon Automation business. The Amazon Automation model runs largely on drop-shipping principles, where thousands of products are introduced to international markets online. The method has gained massive traction.


Condy has established himself as a mentor and coach when it comes to Amazon Automation. He is happy to help people understand and apply the model so that they, too, can reach financial freedom. “I’m happy to help others create a revenue of passive income and start their very own stores. This is what it’s about nowadays: following your dream and redefining the principles of society and its measure for success,” the entrepreneur explains.


Differentiating himself from the competition, Condy is an influencer who started from scratch. He did not rely on connections or nepotism, and he makes that point very clear in order to show people that they can be successful without having been born in the right place at the right time. Branden didn’t always have food at the table throughout his childhood, so he truly understands and empathizes with the struggle, yet remains optimistic about the opportunities that one can create for themselves by pursuing innovation and being open to learning.


“I wake up energized every single day. I know that many people are watching me and being inspired, so I try to do my best and be a real role model. I don’t ever plan on slowing down, and I hope that my followers take inspiration from my passion and translate it into their daily lives and work,” he says, adding, “Whatever I do, I try to provide value. It’s important to understand that business and life are a two-way street. My followers support me, and I push the limits of what’s possible before their eyes.”


To follow Branden Condy and get more news and updates from him, check out his Instagram.


Written by Umesh Agarwal

Umesh Agarwal, a founding member of Credit 101 LLC (, an established entrepreneur, credit guru, and mentor, is no exception to the young thinkers who wandered through the idea of being your own boss and escaping the shackles of micromanagement. What separated him from the rest of the aspiring millionaires is how his ideas fueled his life to action. Umesh studied Engineering in India; eventually moved to Texas and completed his Masters of Science in Engineering.

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