Brandon Beavis: A Leader in the Canadian Education Market

Brandon Beavis was born into the sphere of finance as his father, Marc Beavis, was an investment advisor and portfolio manager who ran an independent investment firm. To follow in his father’s footsteps, Brandon too became a fully licensed investing advisor by the age of 20 after successfully studying the investment industry.

Initially, he started working at his father’s firm where he helped manage multi-million dollar client portfolios. However, after 4 years of experience, Brandon decided to take his knowledge to YouTube where he built the ‘Brandon Beavis Investing’ channel.

Brandon’s progress was slow and steady. Even though for the first year he made no money, he still posted at least 1 video every week in order to build up a strong following. He scanned the internet to absorb as much information as possible and read every entrepreneurial book out there so that he could boost his knowledge of an online business.

Therefore, as his channel started picking up steam, Brandon launched his program, ‘The Investing Academy’ that generated amazing feedback as it provided great results for students. Even though Brandon himself is fairly young, the information he uses is time-tested because of his father, who has experience of over 25+ years. This professional experience is what sets his business aside from other young traders and investors who lack the experience. 

Brandon’s goal has been to educate as many Canadians as he possibly could on how to get started in the stock market to set themselves up for long term success. Although he started targeting Millennials, his program now works with students of all ages from 16 – 87 years old. Recently, Brandon’s channel just passed over 150,000 subscribers.

The platform is a great help to all those who lack financial literacy, especially millennials. As a result, it focused on teaching Canadians about how to properly invest in the stock market for the long term. This included an emphasis on dividends, ETFs, passive income, and proper portfolio management skills. 

As the Academy grew, the workload doubled too. This meant an expansion of 2-3 videos a week, sales calls, course content production, and student support. Therefore, Brandon had to learn to delegate and bring on new team members on board.

Consequently, his workload got 80% lighter as his team developed a fully automated sales unit, brought student support staff, and even got experts who would teach live sessions to the Academy students. Thus, now Brandon can focus on making overall business decisions while being the face of the brand. 

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