Brandon Odom: A man who Believes Money is Only a Byproduct, not a Goal

Brandon Odom graduated from the United States Military Academy. A few years later, he left the military and became an affiliate marketer. Odom has achieved top ranks in a global direct sales company and has also founded more than a half dozen digital businesses along with a Latin dance event production company and is considered a “super affiliate” for his ability to drive a high volume of sales to online offers.

In the last few years, he has directly coached over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs in launching and their profitable affiliate or direct sales businesses online allowing them to walk away from their jobs and he has positively impacted thousands of others through digital training courses, and software they use to run their businesses.

Here is how Brandon is Building his Empire

Brandon’s latest brand Super Affiliate Life showcases his lessons learned through the journey beginning as a struggling affiliate marketer 6 years ago, to producing multiple 7 figures in online sales and along the way helping others find their paths to personal success using a specific set of digital skills and learning money is only a by-product, not a goal.

Over the last 5 years, he has generated over $10 million in sales directly through multiple digital sales, funnels created. Brandon and his team have helped 7 separate businesses generate their first $1 million online, most of them starting from zero. “We’ve taught thousands of students digital marketing and over 100 individuals have made the switch to a full-time career in it through our training and support.”

Not many people want to talk about the mistakes committed in the journey. Brandon feels it’s important to know that you learn a lot more wisdom from failure than success. “I’ve made at least 3 separate million-dollar mistakes in just the last 4 years and had to shut down several of my companies as well. Those failures were caused by not properly vetting deals and partners, taking on too many opportunities at a time, scaling systems too soon without properly optimizing, and neglecting parts of my business that were doing well and allowing them to lose momentum.” Brandon stated.

Thoughts that led Brandon this far

The reason Brandon started his business was he wanted to help people and also be able to design his schedule around his family life. He intentionally went for something he could do online that would give him the independence and flexibility he wanted and still have a big impact. “For a while, I thought I was just helping people improve their health, or get more sales for their business and make more money but I came to realize my services were a doorway to a total life transformation for many clients and that’s what always keeps me grounded and motivated to continue along this path even through the up and down rollercoaster that I like many other entrepreneurs experience”, said Odom.

What Brandon has Planned for his Future

Odom expects to gain another 10,000 customers in the next 3 years and has the blueprint to $1,000,000/month. He also says that he would like to just enjoy the time with his kids while they’re very young and work on more passive income investments.

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