Bravecore: Helping Leaders See Differently With Ian Clawson and Chris Deaver

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Many consultants see themselves as the hero that can rescue your organization. They stick with what’s been successful in the past. It would be hard not to double down on that.

But today change is happening all around us. We can all feel it. Even consulting is getting disrupted. The same answers can no longer be rinsed and repeated. 

Leaders and people in organizations are seeking something more. They’re not just looking to be taught something new. They want to be part of a new work/life experience.

The Power of BraveCore

This is where Bravecore comes in. They see leaders and people of organizations as the hero. They start by trying to understand the unique challenges they face on their hero’s journey. They see Bravecore as the guide. They don’t have all the answers, but they share timeless principles. 

They share a framework that helps people see their best future culture. This framework can help leaders show up differently and approach work in more creative and collaborative ways.

They call it Influence by Design.

Tier 1 = Manager – Protects Status Quo (Dependent on the Past) 

Tier 2 = Leader – Challenges Reality (Independent in the Present)

Tier 3 = Co-Creator – Shapes the Ideal (Interdependent into the Future)

Most people are accustomed to a Tier 1 work experience. It can be boring because it’s safe. People are tired of a controlled environment where performance and results are the focus. This is why people are disengaged. This is why managers micromanage and use fear tactics to drive things they need to maintain their own status.

A Tier 2 approach challenges the default mode of work. A manager becomes an actual leader. Not just an auditor or enforcer. A T2 leader makes people a priority and they challenge the status quo. They don’t succumb to the politics of an organization. They do their best to navigate the bureaucracy while keeping their team top of mind. Or they break out of a traditional employer/employee model, venturing out as a freelancer or see themselves as an entrepreneur.

Tiers 1 and 2 are what people currently see as options for leadership and workplace experiences. It’s all people know.

As Bravecore, They hold up a frame to help people see Tier 3. A path for co-creation. Where leaders become co-creators and cultures transform.

As an employee, you don’t have to leave your employer with a T3 mindset. You can influence the culture you are a part of in simple and powerful ways. You can lean into co-creation at a grassroots level to inspire others around you. We’ve seen this work at companies like Apple and other tech cultures. We’ve also seen it in great sports teams.  

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to hustle alone. You can shift from building an empire to being part of a co-creative team. Tier 3 can help you do this. By seeing people in transformational relationships and no longer just transactional ones. 

There’s no need for people to be separating their work and personal lives anymore. They can dump that self-imposed anxiety and stress. They need a synthesis, a blended life. The future requires us to be fluid. In families. At work. In relationships. 

Co-creation requires deep work. A Tier 3 mindset can help us shift from self to selfless:

Self-awareness leads to self-care… that turns into self-love… which helps you understand self-worth.

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” – C.S. Lewis

How do you develop a selfless character? Taking responsibility. Starting with deep reflection, with a deep focus on what you can do, who you can be, and how you can think in different ways to create different outcomes. 

Don’t wait for someone to save you. No one is coming to fix your problems at work or in your life. Don’t think of yourself as the villain. Be the hero in your own journey you were always meant to be. Create different experiences today with the help of the Tier 3 framework and a co-creative mindset.

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