Breaking Down the Prerequisites for Digital Marketing: Anand Srivastava

Digital marketing is becoming a lucrative career option for many youngsters, college graduates and even full-time professionals. This surge in inclination is mainly because you get industry exposure, learn about the industry governing practices, and are credited for the project. Albeit, the demand for digital marketing services also drives graduates to learn more about the craft and build a career in it.

Anand Srivastava is a full-time digital marketer who has extensive experience in curating digital marketing strategies and running campaigns for big-league businesses and brands. 

Anand Srivastava is among the few who were early in learning and implementing digital marketing strategies for small business. As the brands grew, his reputation in the digital marketing industry also climbed charts. He too was employed in a management firm where he held the designation of senior derivative analyst, a respectable and high paying post.

But his interest was to start afresh with a business of his own, where he could provide digital marketing services. His venture, Anand Srivastava LLC, is enjoying immense success in a short period. 

Anand Srivastava has a few pointers for individuals that want to start a career in digital marketing. He says, “Learning is a constant process, it never ends. To learn digital marketing, you have to start from the roots and slowly build your way up. It requires patience as initially, the results appear blurry.”

There is so much information available about digital marketing. The only thing that’s stopping you is your lacklustre approach. I suggest eager individuals learn the craft and get a few certifications that serve as credible proof of their skills. It is the only way to land clients when you are just starting in the field of digital marketing.

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