Brenboy Releases Debut Album ‘White Butterflies’ With Lead Single ‘I’m From Oregon’.

With two albums and a whole swag of singles to his name, there is no doubt that rapper Brenboy has been lighting up the airwaves in recent years. With over 300k streams of his latest album White Butterflies on Spotify alone, the artist from the Pacific Northwest has been making all the right moves in an industry yearning for the next big thing.

Upon signing his first major distribution deal with SS GlobalEntertainment, he released his hit single ‘Blueberry Pancakes’, and has not looked back since. Industry veteran, Tiffany Gaines, immediately recognized his talents and backed the album to take him to the next level.

With his first single from the album ‘I’m From Oregon fast becoming an anthem, there is no denying where he is from as he drops a unique slam dunk for the home-grown hustlers and supporters of the West Coast. Blessed with a unique flow and exploring authentic and organic styles, he has been stepping up in a way that is a revelation for music fans everywhere. Everything he touches is sonic gold, whether it be straight up melodic compositions of Hip Hop or the rock/rap hybrid of I’m From Oregon.

His reputation as an artist that is able to navigate all the rich textures of Hip Hop is hardly surprising when you listen to White Butterflies. Nine tracks that are stunning in their diversity and designed to extract every emotion out of the experience, they are underpinned by an imaginative lyrical flow with hooks that will stay in the memory forever.

While the artist, Brenboy, stays immersed in the music scene, Brenden Reyes, the industry executive also stands strong as Urban Music Director at 90.7FM KBOO. He has proved throughout the years to have made all the right connections, interviewing over 350 artists on his show Rip City Basement as well as presenting over 250 artists on the stage to date. He has also toured extensively with acts such as Snow ThaProduct and Andre Nickatina and tells his story with the honesty of an artist in full control of his destiny. Legit in every single way, there is no way anyone is keeping him down.

A standout artist and entrepreneur making his own way in the Hip Hop game, White Butterflies and I’m From Oregonwill change the way you listen to music, propelling Brenboy to an ever-growing audience of fans.

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