Brenna Tipps Turns Heads With New Hit Single “Feel Something”

Simply put, Brenna Tipps is an expert creator. She sings, writes, films, streams, and models among other passions that she’s managed to monetize through the likes of social media. She’s an effective worker and an emerging face on the up-and-coming influencer-turned-popstar list.

With her deepest passion lying in music, her highly anticipated single, “Feel Something”, is scheduled to kick off the New Year with its planned release in early January of 2022.

Brenna is inspired deeply by anyone who turns their pain into art. She strongly believes that pain can be beautiful if eternalized and expressed in an uplifting manner. A talent she believes is commonly lacking in the music industry and something that sets her apart from others with shared demographics.

With waves of inspiration coming sporadically, Brenna states that she commonly wakes up at 3 AM out of the blue with lyrics in her head coming from past experiences, conversations, and relationships.

Brenna reflects on her experiences with love and heartbreak, and how they’ve shaped her outlook on life. She’s found that it’s impacted the way she expresses herself through music, recounting a forced “situationship” with a man that wasn’t ready for a girlfriend.

Lost in infatuation and lust, she ignored all of the red flags which eventually led to her being hurt deeply, yet, inspired. The pain and turmoil kick-started her creative process for her upcoming single and filled the song with raw, uncut emotion.

Brenna thinks that most people have shared similar experiences with romanticism and toxic relationships and hopes that they can relate to her and her journey. Her haven has always been music that she can relate to, imploring artists that can articulate emotions and feelings concisely and effectively through lyricism.

Music has functioned as a therapy in Brenna’s life and a healthy outlet for her to express her feelings. She aspires to connect with people through her music and inspire people like her who hope to turn negativity into something positive.

To check out Brenna’s world of content, head over to her TikTok and be sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming single, “Feel Something” (pre-save here), on all streaming platforms along with unannounced work with Grammy-nominated producer, Void Stryker.

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