Brian C Jensen Explains Why Exercising Daily Is The Best Way To Combat Covid19

The current situation that we are passing through amid the Covid19 pandemic is only driving us towards deeper problems as there is no inkling about how and when the pandemic will end. The pandemic keeps us on tenterhooks as the sense of fear, anxiety, and disappointment forms a deadly cocktail of stress that agonizes us. It hinders our efforts to stay healthy, explains Brian C Jensen.

Staying at home and maintaining physical distancing when moving outside are the main disruptors. The restrictions about movement and the diktats of personal hygiene rob us of the pleasures of life that leave us distressed. The feeling of living in captivity is only making things worse as the uncertainties about livelihood and economic hardships make us stare at a bleak future with little hope of recovery to the pre-pandemic levels anytime soon.

To break the shackles of depression and anxiety and ensure that we take proper care of our overall health and wellbeing, the tips given below should come in handy.

Stay physically active in the ways you can, says Brian C Jensen

It is basic knowledge that exercising daily is the best way to take care of our health and stay fit, but the oppressive environment we are now living in makes it hard to stick to the basics. Nevertheless, stay undeterred by the disruptions by accepting it as a new normal and create a routine for daily exercise, which might be a concise version of what you usually do.

Accept the reality and choose the exercises with some thought to take enough care of your body and refresh the mind. You can do your exercise in one go in the morning slot or split it into multiple sessions according to your convenience during different times of the day. No matter what you choose, fulfill the quota of 75 minutes or rigorous workout per week or 150 minutes of moderate exercise.

Walking or playing with your kids, doing some gardening, or taking dance lessons are suitable substitutes for exercising.

Some chosen exercises

To keep things simple and easy, choose exercises to perform in small spaces and without any equipment or accessories. Aerobics, calisthenics, and Zumba are examples of exercises that add to the fun and enjoyment while helping to accomplish the health goals.

Likewise, do squats, planks, pushups, step-up, sit-ups, and abdominal are easy to do exercises that do not require any aids. If you need any aid like dumbbells, use the wine bottles, which can be suitable substitutes. Similarly, a sturdy chair can be of help to do the step up.

Why exercise?

Exercise strengthens the body and makes it shapely, but it refreshes the mind and improves immunity which helps to combat the virus effectively. Moreover, it takes good care of your cardiovascular health, keeps blood pressure under control, and prevents type-2 diabetes, some cancers, and stroke.

Increased muscle strength and improved immunity supported by a positive mindset will keep you better placed to avoid diseases and infections and stay happy. Being able to lead a healthy life improves our overall wellness and wellbeing.

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