Brian C Jensen Highlights The Most Important Things For Maintaining Mental Wellness During Covid19

Staying healthy during the Covid19 pandemic has become more challenging because of its vast psychological impact on our mental health. While most health guidelines and advisories issued by the government and health authorities target mainly to prevent the spread of infections, it does not help alleviate mental stress arising from fear and anxiety, believes Brian C Jensen.

However, information shared across the internet about various means of coping with mental stress can come in handy to prevent further deterioration and improve it.  Although it is normal to feel stressed out during a pandemic, it is vital to keep it under control to maintain our wellness and wellbeing.

When people undergo excessive mental stress, they become more vulnerable to infections because degradation of mental health affects our physical health and weakens immunity. Trying to stay healthy amid all the adversities is the biggest challenge but a must-do task as it is the only way to beat the pandemic. To know how to minimize stress and have the right frame of mind that augurs overall wellbeing, keep reading this article.

A healthy diet is a must, says Brian C Jensen

Improving the immune system is the best way to protect ourselves from the novel coronavirus, and to strengthen immunity, we must eat healthy and nutritious foods. Choosing a balanced and nutritious diet can ensure that the body receives the right amount of the required nutrients that improve immunity. Eat foods that are rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins that boost immunity.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits as these are rich sources of vitamins and minerals and supplement it with legumes like lentils. Consume animal protein consisting of meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products to ensure a consistent supply of proteins that strengthen the body.

Eat the right portions to prevent overeating and maintain strict eating times by avoiding cravings that can upset your plans of staying healthy.

Allow your body to rest

In your pursuit of staying physically active during Covid19, do not overwork your body, primarily if you work from home. Create a work schedule and include some periodical breaks so that it helps to refresh your mind and allows the body to regain its composure by relieving stress.

Distracting your mind from work and paying attention to any other things in the vicinity helps to unwind. Looking at some pictures or painting, enjoying the sight of blooming flowers in the garden, or just idling your time by gazing at the sky with an empty mind are excellent ways to distress.

Have good sleep

Sleep is the most effective means of countering stress and despite the disruptions and disappointments of restricted living when staying at home for an extended period, makes all efforts to have a sound sleep for 7-8 hours each day. Overcome the daytime disturbances that stress the mind by preparing well for good sleep.

Go to sleep, wake up at fixed times every day, and calm your mind before hitting the bed by staying away from anything that can agitate the mind. Lie down on the bed and drive away all thoughts so that you gradually fall asleep.

Getting used to the above will keep your mental stress under control.

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