Brian Carruthers Is One of the Top Network Marketing, Finance, and Business Coaches in the World

While many business sectors struggle to adapt amidst a global pandemic, the Network Marketing industry finds itself long prepared for this moment. For most, the flexibility and comfort found in working remotely is a great new experience. However, for professional Network Marketer Brian Carruthers, freedom and flexibility are the rule, not the exception. For more than two decades, working from home has been commonplace for Brian and his family. Brian’s dedication to helping others exit the rat race has produced him millions of dollars and a lifestyle a rare few will ever experience.

Like countless others Brian Carruthers found himself finishing college with a degree related to a field he did not want to pursue. By the age of 28, Brian was working extremely hard in the family real estate business and producing a comfortable 6-figure income for himself. During this time, Brian was introduced to a billionaire mentor who told him that he was earning the wrong kind of income. He taught Brian that he needed to stop trading his time for dollars and start focusing on producing leveraged and residual income streams. This conversation led to Brian seeking out an opportunity to work from home on a part-time basis, which would end up changing the course of his life forever.

Brian entered the Network Marketing industry on a part-time basis, but not a part-effort basis. During his first year he dedicated every extra moment that he could spare into building and growing his work from home business. This dedication and focus netted him a 6-figure income within his first 12 months and allowed him to transition to a full-time status. With this full-time status came even more time to dedicate to his growing business and the mission of helping others get free from the rat race. As Brian invested more time and effort into his craft, his impact and income grew exponentially earning him his first million dollars inside of 3 years in the industry. Brian’s passion for servant driven leadership has provided the foundation for tens of thousands of others to change their financial trajectory over the last 20+ years.

This continued commitment to excellence has not only earned Brian millions of dollars but has also led to him being one of the most sought-after resources and trainers in the entire industry. Brian credits much of his success to mastering a few simple skills and adopting a few new philosophies. He believes that one of the keys to massive success in the Network Marketing industry is willingness to receive guidance and mentorship. He says of mentorship “Mentors allow you to learn from their mistakes so as to avoid doing them yourself, and lets you focus on best practices to shorten your timeline to success. People who go it alone without mentors are simply arrogant and foolish.” Brian believes that mentorship is the only true shortcut because we can learn from other’s failures and successes. In alignment with his strong passion for helping others Brian wrote the books “Making my First 10 Million” and “Building an Empire” with the hope of guiding others to success within the Network Marketing industry.

Brian’s commitment to business excellence can only be rivaled by his commitment being a present and active father and husband. The lifestyle that Brian’s hard work has provided for he and his

family is one that most could only dream of. Having complete control over his life Brian is able to dedicate his time to his family, his charitable works, and his brand mission of leading and educating others on how they can become free of the rat race and begin building their personal empire.

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