Brian D. Evans’ Short Thought of the Day: Gratitude

I heard someone complaining about only closing a deal for $xx,xxx recently (as opposed to presumably more). And it got me thinking about gratitude again, in a new way.

Firstly, I think that Gratitude is one of the most undervalued ideas in the modern world for some people.

If you’re breathing and able to read this message, you have something to be grateful for.

Look, I get it. There’s a lot of bad in this world too.

Personally, and amongst other things, I’m grateful for my health, and loved ones. For some people, they might not have that. I totally get it.

Even if it’s something “small”, like you had a coffee today. Instead of taking it for granted that you had this coffee, could you be grateful for it? Could you be extremely grateful for it? What else could you be grateful for that you might have overlooked?

How would that shift your energy, to be extremely grateful and appreciative of even the “small” things (no matter what “small” means to you) ?

Hint: That shift is everything. It’s the power of gratitude.

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