Bridger Pennington Says You Should Fail Fast And Fail Cheap

Most people fear failure, not because of the consequences, but because of the emotional response to it, because of all the thoughts and emotions that arise when we’re experiencing fear.

But often, there is more to gain than there is to lose by taking a chance on something big, and facing your fears despite the doubt and insecurity that they cause. Bridger Pennington learned that if you are going to fail, you should fail fast and fail cheap, testing your idea quickly.

Bridger grew up with an entrepreneur father and followed in his footsteps. In his first two years of college, he started six different businesses. His father was proud of his son, but felt he lacked focus.

So, he set up a meeting with the man who would become Bridger’s mentor and help give him direction. It was during this meeting that Bridger would learn the secrets of the wealthy: you earn the most from private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and real estate funds. Knowing he couldn’t keep this to himself, Bridger created an online training program to teach people to launch and scale their investment funds.

Starting a new business is not easy. But Bridger’s mentor helped him take fear out of the equation by teaching him to fail fast and fail cheap. He said that 99% of businesses can be tested in three weeks for $500.

So, that’s what Bridger did with Fund Launch Secrets. “I took that to heart and when we first launched our business, I took three weeks and $500 of ad spend money on Facebook to test our offer, hook, and story. After the first weekend, our $500 had turned into $1500! And we were thrilled!” says Bridger Pennington.

Through Fund Launch Secrets, Bridger gives people the skills they need to launch their own investment funds. He doesn’t believe in handouts, but with the right knowledge, you can be successful. “No one else online teaches funds like we do. We really are the only ones online that actively teach people how to start and launch their own fund. It’s a fun blue ocean of opportunity,” says Bridger Pennington.

Bridger believes success lies in how you live your life and constantly improve all aspects of your life. He lives every day with gratitude and compassion for others, and with a desire to teach people to build their own wealth

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