Bring My Song to Life: A Platform Helping Musicians Earn through Custom Songwriting Services

The model for Bring My Song to Life is quite simple and meets an immediate need.

The digital revolution has ushered in a slew of innovations that continue to change industry landscapes. Music isn’t exempt. More companies are leveraging online innovations to help musicians and enable music lovers worldwide. One great example is the subsidiary brand “Bring My Song to Life,” the latest brainchild of leading music tech company Tunedly. 

The model for Bring My Song to Life is quite simple and meets an immediate need. Let’s say you want to surprise a loved one on a birthday or anniversary. With this latest brand from Tunedly, the general audience can have a custom song written and produced for their loved ones. It provides a unique gift and supports musicians in their pursuit of a music career. 

The brand exists under the company Tunedly, the first-ever true online recording studio that enables artists to collaborate with session musicians from other parts of the world. Tapping into their vast network of music aficionados, Tunedly launched Bring My Song To Life, also becoming one of the pioneers in custom songwriting services for anyone and everyone. 

One similar platform called Songfinch recently made headlines after receiving a seed investment from top music personality The Weeknd. The newly-funded venture’s founder is John Williamson. He was also the co-founder of Music Dealers, another music tech company that closed its doors abruptly in 2016 after securing $9 million in funding leaving a number of artists unpaid.

Tunedly was founded by Chris Erhardt and Mylene Besancon, two music professionals who decided to get into the tech space and create solutions to help musicians. Apart from being technopreneurs, Chris and Mylene are also active artists and thus understand the pain points and struggles that artists face today. Tunedly was founded in  2016 and continues to be a pioneer in the music tech space. 

By launching Bring My Song to Life, Tunedly looks to give their network of artists another way to monetize on their passion so they can continue pursuing the craft they love most, which is their music.


Written by Alexander Maxwell

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