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At a time when the days blend into each other, journaling is helping people separate one from the next and clear out the distressing thoughts occupying their heads. According to research, journaling may help ease our distress when we’re struggling.

In a 2006 study, nearly 100 young adults were asked to spend 15 minutes journaling or drawing about a stressful event, or writing about their plans for the day, twice during one week. The people who journaled saw the biggest deduction in symptoms like depression, anxiety, and hostility.

Journaling is an incredibly powerful tool to gain clarity and insight. Writing about your emotions helps you become self-aware. It lets you process what you’re going through and work past high emotions to look at situations more objectively.

Although there are some pitfalls to journaling—ways of doing it that might backfire—it’s one of those rare and valuable mental health tools that doesn’t require you to leave your house or even see another human being.

But to learn Journaling, the world needs a dedicated journal therapist who can help us develop a more mature level of self-knowledge, be more productive, create the life we want, and achieve healthier and happier relationships.

Yashasvi Kuchhal combines Yoga, Zumba, and Journaling to achieve holistic physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, and also to promote a lifestyle of continual personal growth. As an established Yoga Instructor, licensed Zumba Instructor, Mental Health Coach, Therapist, and Journal Writer, she delves into a variety of topics ranging from meditation and stress relief to the business of yoga, via her unique approach to journaling therapy.

She runs a Female only Fitness Studio for Mind and Body through which she brings a difference in women’s lives that is bonded well with her vision to bring equality in society for women. “Upon meeting numerous women through Zumba and Yoga, I felt the satisfaction of making them feel good about themselves. I made it my mission in life to keep making a difference in their lives.”

Driven by a desire to empower women, make them feel stronger and confident, she teaches Cohort based courses (a collaborative learning program taken by a group of people together with an exclusive opportunity to befriend & learn from people globally and widen their perspectives) under “Journaling is healing” which helps train their minds and hence change the outlook towards themselves and their lives. Her course includes versatile lessons like Expressive Art Therapy, Beat Procrastination, Plan 2022, and a few more to over 200 participants every month.

Yashasvi explains how Journaling helps in managing mental fitness and improving your mood by:

  • Providing an opportunity for positive self-talk, identifying your goals, desires and creating a roadmap towards them.
  • Tracking day-to-day emotions, recognizing the triggers, and learning ways to better control them.
  • Helping you win over problems, fears, and concerns.
  • Learn to always stay positive and grateful.

Well, Instagram is an excellent platform for mental health influencers to spread their message creatively. Yashasvi shares, ‘Instagram helped me build the community of journal writers. Every time I teach a journaling course I look forward to meeting a new group of participants through Instagram. Instagram brings like-minded people together across the globe. Therefore, it’s been a true blessing especially in covid times when people come together and motivate each other to bring the best out of themselves.’

“Journaling is Healing” is renowned for honest conversations about mental health, therapy, and journal writing. Every post Yashasvi makes is a wonderful reminder to stop, check in, and find ways to support your mental health each day.

In addition to the social page, it has a website through which she teaches different kinds of DIY journaling therapies. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out this site that promotes positivity, confidence, and acceptance.

Follow her on Instagram @yashasvikuchhal


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