Brooke Collins’ New Podcast Is a Hit for Women “Desperately Seeking Self”

Many women suffer from feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed by the inability to live up to the expectations of others or of themselves. Brooke Collins knows these feelings well, using them as fuel to overcome the lowest point in her life and to make it her life’s mission to help other women do the same. A certified Transformational and Wellness coach, Brooke has gone from strength to strength, participating in motivational speaking, corporate leadership and empowerment training and personal or group developmental coaching. “Desperately Seeking Self” is Collins’ latest project; a weekly podcast aimed at providing a space for women to feel inspired and empowered, clear the doubt clouding their minds, and move forward confidently towards their goals.

Collins survived the loss of her sister to cancer at age 13, addiction and abuse of substances, along with the emotional and physical abuse her first husband put her through, and pulled herself out of a deep depression, learning that she was better than her circumstances. Brooke trained herself and conditioned her mind to reject the false realities and lack of self worth she used to succumb to, realizing that her words and experiences were able to reach and inspire others for positive change, and turning that into her calling. She now lives a joyful and fulfilling life, spanning 5 years and hundreds of happy clients worth of experience; helping women to develop self acceptance and confidently pursue their dreams.

Collins’ new podcast “Desperately Seeking Self“, offers an intimate insight into Brooke’s mind. She shares concepts and ideas that have aided in her own development as an empowered woman while providing a nurturing and supportive perspective for the many pitfalls that may occur on the path to self-love. Released weekly, the podcast covers many topics, such as dealing with “mean girls”, being kinder to ourselves and softening that critical voice inside your head. “Desperately Seeking Self” is a unique, fun and free resource provided by Brooke to aid in the personal development journey of anyone seeking to add that extra bit of mindfulness and affirmation to spice up your week.

Alongside her established developmental coaching services and her podcast, Collins also manages a tight-knit Facebook group. This group acts as a support network for like-minded people to come together, share their experiences, and grow on their personal self-acceptance journey, as well as a rapport for Brooke and her community to discuss ideas from her podcast. Brooke’s passion for helping women actualize their potential and the wealth of free resources she has available online to aid people on their own path is a testament to her commitment of cultivating confidence and success for anyone hoping to push for a better self and a better life.

Desperately Seeking Self” is available for free on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher and other podcast services.

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