Brooklyn-Bred Influencer Wvldo: Coming From Nothing to Having it All

To dreaming, envisioning, creating to then succeeding in life as a social media influencer, artist, and YouTuber, Walid Tarek Hamed or better known as Wvldo made an icon out of himself. He was first recognized around the year 2016. Around that time his videos became viral on major platforms. Wvldo has made prank videos and skits that caught viewer’s attention. Wvldo was posted on Worldstar over 5 times for his attention-grabbing skits.

He was born in San Francisco, CA, but was raised in Brooklyn, NY. He started his career by making YouTube videos to later than going viral for his skits to then bringing his content to Instagram and TikTok, which then got him recognized by world star and famous celebrities. In 2016 one of his songs went viral on SoundCloud, he is focusing on music in 2021. Right now Wvldo is focusing on making music and going viral with his comedic creativity on YouTube which are his key goals for the year. Wvldo is very determined on growing his brand and he is serious with the career path he has chosen. He believes in not wasting time and self-motivation.

Wvldo won’t stop at anything until he gets to the end of his success! Anyone following his career path should know that his advice to them is to, “focus on your craft and find a way to make it better each and every day. Make it your only plan for there is no plan “B”. You will soon find yourself being Waldo’s newest supporter and expecting the unexpected every time. Don’t miss out on his Instagram lives, he hosts them for comedy and entertainment purposes. He also manages content creators and has reached 17,000 followers on the new app “Clubhouse” in just one month. He has hosted some of the greatest rooms and had celebrities like The Game, Toosie, Grant Cardone, and Lil Mama share the stage with him. Keep up with Wvldo and don’t miss out on his social media/music journey in 2021.

To know more about him check out his Website and connect with him on Instagram.

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