Bryan Legend, the Crypto King, Strikes Again

Bryan is a recognized name in the world of crypto, he is actively trying to cement his legacy

Self-made millionaire and Founder of Clever Defi Pty Ltd, Bryan Legend, is reinforcing his plan to further cement his reputation and name in the crypto industry. The entrepreneurial spirit behind the successful launch of a one-of-a-kind Decentralized Finance protocol, CLEVER DEFI, deserves loads of accolades. The man behind the genius approach, Bryan Legend, truly lives up to his name. 


CLEVER DEFI is the product of the sheer hard work, brilliance, and creativity of Bryan Legend and his assembled team of developers. With his acute interest in the Decentralized Finance sector, the project has a true revolutionary vision. 

In this DEFI Platform, investors can store their wealth in CLVA tokens. Depending on the number of tokens they have, the token holders are given an automatic compound interest of up to 11% every fourteen days for a predetermined set of such cycles. 

With the aid of a Decentralized Distribution Mechanism, the project is immune to internal or external manipulation. It also automatically prints interest rewards for token holders. 

Features of CLEVER DEFI

Various unique traits make CLEVER DEFI an ingenious project. These are –

  • There are no restrictions or lock-in periods while you hold CLVA tokens. The freedom to do whatever you want with your CLVA is one of the most appealing characteristics of CLEVER DEFI.
  • Without any staking period or contract terms, you are free to make your own decisions regarding the tokens you have in possession.
  • You can sell, purchase, or hold the CLVA tokens for any period. There are no penalties whatsoever. 
  • The minting of the tokens started at zero supply. This means that Bryan nor the team possess any supply to manipulate the market. 

The Lightning-Speed Success of CLEVER DEFI

While CLEVER DEFI was launched in the last quarter of the past year 2020, its first-ever minting phase ended just a few days ago. It started from the 1st of February 2021 to the 2nd of March 2021. Within a mere span of 30 days, the project has amassed more than 1,000+ CLVA token holders. 

As per the statistics from the minting portal, minting of more than 350,000 CLVA tokens occurred. Moreover, there has also been an investment of more than 720eth+. The tokens were minted at a rate starting from 0.0020 ETH on the 1st day to 0.0024 ETH on the 30th day. 

The data, statistics, and sheer popularity of the CLEVER DEFI project indicate that Bryan Legend’s hard work has paid off. No wonder he is being credited as the crypto king right now!


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.