Bryan Michael Nolan Shares his Secret to Success in Entertainment

Handing over a metal key at the reception with a big smile on the face is no more enough to please the guests. Now, guests would go to a hotel or a restaurant or a nightclub only if they see multiple avenues for entertainment, like ping-pong tables, slackline, boules pitch, and more. But very few hospitality and nightlife players understand this. And those who do, succeed. Bryan Michael Nolan is one such entrepreneur who has been drawing on his passion for entertaining people ever since he started in the business, and therefore, has been excelling in the nightlife and hospitality scene. Here’s Bryan sharing more on how his drive for entertainment makes him a sought-after man in the field.

Bryan, from a young age, developed an urge to go against the grain and hustle, have a dominant work ethic, and only expect the best for himself, his family, and everyone he is associated with.

About using this passion for entertainment as a key to open the doors to success in the hospitality and nightlife space, Bryan says, “Hospitality, nightclubs, shows, parties – all of these run and persist on the petrol of entertainment. If you want to be a superstar in this space, then you need to first show people that your property has more entertainment options than that of anyone else in the market.”

Ask Bryan why passion is so important to excel in the hospitality scene, he says, “It’s because the millennials, who are the majority of our customers, want it.” Millennials are definitely changing the game. For example, hotel properties are becoming less of a space to doze off and more of a springboard to priceless and memorable moments of life: meeting up with friends, going to an event, and so on. And what’s the common link between all of them? Entertainment. Bryan shares that around 60% of all hotel-offers were targeted towards the Generation Y or the ‘Millennials’ in 2019, who are gradually taking control and driving the hospitality and nightlife market. And all that they need are newer, more disruptive means to entertainment. Bryan says, “It is their rising expectations that pushes me to think differently and break my own benchmarks for entertainment.”

So, it’s clear that be it over the Internet, at EDM festivals, or in nightclubs and hotels, the target group of young millennials expects interaction, fun and entertainment anytime and anywhere. And Bryan has been giving his customers what they want for over a decade, thus catapulting him to new heights of success in the field.

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