Budget-Friendly Cloud Storage Service for a Small Business

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Entrepreneurs have an increasing need to access all their data on the go. However, not all can afford this without minding the storage maintenance costs. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly cloud storage services available for small businesses. 

Definition of cloud storage

Cloud storage is under the supervision of a cloud service provider or a cloud hosting company. It is a fixed-size server space designed to store the client’s data. The client with the stored data entrusted the service provider who maintains the hardware. Also, it offers clients continuous data access without compromising its security and confidentiality. The data stored can be in one of the many servers the cloud company handles. 

Cloud storage is essential to businesses. With the better internet infrastructure, accessing the remotely-hosted files is more convenient. Thus, aiding in the growth of a small business. Furthermore, the increase in demand for cloud hosting made various companies pop out of nowhere. 

Top 6 budget-friendly cloud storage

Not all cloud storage is friendly to the entrepreneur’s budget. Listed below are the budget-friendly cloud storage suitable for small businesses. 

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has an extensive scope of cloud hosting. Also, it has a unique selling proposition (USP) for application services and computation. These include website hosting, business apps hosting and gaming, and mobile data backup. 

The plans and pricing details vary based on the multiple product offerings. You can start first with the AWS free tier. Then, have a firsthand experience of the services offered to know the expected costs. 

  • Pay as you go involves payment for the used resources. There are no long-term obligations and upfront costs. 
  • A Payless when you reserve is a plan that invests in reserved space. It gives out massive savings through discounts. 
  • Paying even less per unit by using more is a healthy plan. It includes increased data transfer and storage space at a lower cost. 
  • A Pay even less as AWS grows offers a benefit of AWS optimizations in lower operational prices. 
  • If clients need customized solutions, Custom pricing is a great option. 

Box for Business

Box for Business focuses on features like file sync, safe file sharing, and cross platforms. Also, it offers services in enterprise-level security and admin and IT controls. Plus, there are dedicated technical support and reporting features. 

A free personal plan covers 10GB of storage. Meanwhile, a personal pro plan price is $10 monthly for 100GB storage. Business plans ranged differently based on the storage capacity needed. The $5 per user monthly for 100GB of storage. Meanwhile, the $15 per user monthly for unlimited storage. It can cater to at least three users. 

Customization is also available upon the client’s request. It includes features like active directory, maxim allowed file size, and Microsoft Office 365. 

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is old but still famous. Its features include an admin console with the audit log, Office 365 integration, and remote device wipe functionality. Plus, it has two-factor authentication for additional security. 

Furthermore, it uses 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption. It keeps the stored files safe from prying eyes. Although there’s no online editing tool, it syncs files between users easily. 

Also, it has up to 120 days of file recovery for accidental file deletion. It offers a 30-day free trial with 2GB of storage. Afterward, the client decides whether to increase the space. The business plan is $15 per user monthly with 5TB of encrypted cloud space. It caters to at least three users. 

Google Cloud

Google services work extensively. It can handle both personal and business accounts. 

Google Drive is one of the cheapest cloud storage for personal accounts. It has a high integration of Google word processing and spreadsheet apps. Syncing files from the local hard drive to Google Drive is a lot easier. If you use Google services, you automatically have access to Google Drive. It covers a free 15GB of storage. 

Google One is the best cloud storage for intensive Google users. Its massive amount of space is suitable for small businesses. Also, it grants access to Google experts. Plus, it gives you the option to add other family members to the plan. It offers a $1.99 monthly plan for 100GB and a $2.99 monthly plan for 200GB. The service extends up to 30TB.  Save more if you pay the plan annually. 


Loyal fans of Apple enjoy their budget-friendly cloud storage through iCloud. Therefore, it is the natural choice for Apple product users such as Mac, iPhone, and iPad. That’s why when you avail of the iCloud hosting service, it bundles with other Apple subscriptions. As a result, clients have access to Apple Music and Apple Arcade at a more affordable price. 

With iCloud, file synchronization is easy. It automatically includes free 5GB of storage for iOs or Mac owners. Plus, it is convenient to use with Windows. 

Although 50GB is not much space, it is absolutely the lowest price business owners can get. It only costs $0.99 monthly. If you opt for more storage, you can share the allotment with other family members and friends. It costs $2.99 monthly for 200GB and $9.99 monthly for 2TB. 

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is like Google and Apple. It is a subscription with Microsoft 365 Office with readily available storage. As a result, it serves as a simple and natural extension regardless of whether it’s a Windows or Mac. It comes with handy Office features like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Plus, there is Access and Publisher too for Windows users. 

Microsoft OneDrive is competitive when it comes to its price. At $5 per user per month, 1TB of cloud storage is available. It includes easy sharing and organizing of files. Plus, it stores files up to 15GB in size. 

The business plan price starts at $1.99 monthly for 100GB storage. Then, it goes up to $6.99 monthly for 1TB of storage. Finally, for higher cloud space, choose the $9.99 for 6TB. 

True enough various cloud hosting companies can help entrepreneurs, especially the expensive ones. But budget-friendly cloud storage services can bring out the best of starting businesses. If you need to get a small business loan, you can find a licensed money lender in Tampines. Furthermore, Cash Mart Singapore lends out instant loan cash for business owners. It is one of the leading licensed moneylenders in the country. It provides quick cash to a small business that needs to expand its business.

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