How to Build a Brand When You Think You Have Nothing

Your biggest asset in business is starting with no money. You heard me right; it’s actually a benefit to start with no money. Many individuals hear this statement and immediately become victimized. Thinking that no money means they cannot make an effect in the world.

There’s nothing that is worse and more annoying to others than repeatedly asking people to do things for you. If you never learn to be a person of value, then you will never achieve a high level of success. That’s not to say that you should just give only to receive, it feels wrong because it is wrong.

You should be giving as much as you possibly can because you are inspired by the mission of others and want to see them reach even higher levels of success. Then you really start to envision the success that you see for yourself.

Nine months ago, I started the Create Your Own Life Podcast with no money, no business, and from what I thought, nothing to give. I quickly learned that I had to shift my mindset from scarcity and thinking the success of others would detract from my success; it’s just not true.

The following are some strategies that I have applied and observed in others that are on their way to a high level of success.

1. Connect people to other people.

Do you know two successful people that would create amazing things with each other? Connect them. Help them to expand their circle of influence and get their mission out there. It’s truly an amazing feeling knowing you are helping someone reach higher stratospheres. When you do this from a real and genuine place of admiring someone’s mission, you will be starting to turn the wheels of fate for yourself as well.

2. Offer Free Service.

When you’re not well known, you may have a great skill set but no one may know about it. Offer your service for free or a reduced rate to help it get out there. Helping the right person to be successful is something that can help you get to a place of being able to charge whatever you want.

3. Start a podcast.

John Lee Dumas started the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast after a military career and a set of business exploits that didn’t quite work out. Within 9 months, John started being profitable and in his first year and a half, he had multiple six-figure months. John also managed to connect with many of his heroes including Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk and Lewis Howes.It’s a valuable vehicle and I’ve found it to be some of the most valuable networking that I’ve ever done. Finish all your interviews with “How can I help you?” and you’ll be surprised at how many amazing opportunities will come your way.

4. Offer to be a Contributor.

Look for all the publications in your niche, and make yourself a spreadsheet. Start with the ones that may be the easiest to get into and tell them why you have the credibility and then give them 3-5 topic ideas that you are able to write. Then, you are giving yourself a greater chance of being published, because you’re actually giving the publisher options. As you begin to get some writing under your belt, then you can use it to get more opportunities on higher-level publications.

5. Ask an Influencer How You Can Help.

A great name for this action is the “Osuna Rule.” 19-year-old Ulyses Osuna has very quickly connected with a lot of influencers and produced great results. His results have led to rave reviews from individuals such as Ryan Stewman, Patrick Bet-David, and Shawn Thomas. He has quickly become of great value to individuals that have the power to propel his career to the next level. Did I mention he’s less than 20 years of age?

The point here is that there is always an option if you are able to make the shift from what I can get, to what I can give, you will truly receive abundance. Some will always play the victim and think they need to rely upon others to give them life; a losing viewpoint.

In fact, you have the ability to create your own life. If you learn how to be valuable to others, then you really have the power and are not coming from a place of lack but a place of abundance.

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