Building a Great Interior Design Business

Tiina Wilén Has Advice For Budding Female Entrepreneurs

The Female Entrepreneur Association has run a fascinating piece on building interior design business. They interview Tiina Wilén, who successfully turned her interior design blog into a business, Elce Stockholm.

Wilén has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so it was natural that when she started blogging in 2008, that would not be the end of her journey. Interior design was her other great love, and she used her platform to share tips and inspiration on interior design.

Her blog was a huge success, earning her readers from across the world. Her readers and their appreciation for her taste and her tips inspired her to turn her blog into a business.

Years after launching the blog, she was in the United States, the idea of starting a business turning inside her head, when, after a conversation with her husband, she decided to stop ruminating and start building a business.

She registered her company and started to build her brand.

Wilén describes Elce Stockholm as a lifestyle brand whose consumers are stylish people with a taste for modern, colorful, sophisticated interior designs.

Her travels inspire her designs. Each design is, in a sense, a homage to the memory of some beautiful place.

She believes that spaces should be dressed in playful, colorful textiles that can be easily changed depending on one’s mood. She also believes that the home should be a haven of tranquility, where burdens are made to melt off the shoulders.

Wilén is motivated by a desire to create joyous, beautiful, durable, high-quality products as a parent.

Elce Stockholm sells its products through design firms and retailers across the world. At present, their products can be found in 7 countries. Wilén is determined to grow her business into an international brand.

One of the first things she did when she launched her business was registering it and doing the legal paperwork. In terms of running the business, the most important decisions involved getting suppliers of quality Legacy Countertops, logistics partners and distributors, and such. Building an efficient supply chain and manufacturing process is something that she has worked hard to do.

Wilén realized early on that she needed to have a clear identity, goal, mission, vision, and strategy to create a great company. Often, entrepreneurs neglect this part of building a business. Frankly, you can only create a great business if you define precisely what that business should be and the values it should have. Otherwise, you risk undermining yourself by doing stuff that takes you away from creating your business.

Wilén believes that social media has been vital in getting the word out about her designs. She has also found a lot of success in connecting with industry people. She has been keen on showing her customers and partners that her business is flexible, eager to serve, and nice. Those are good values to have in a business where personal relations are super important.


Written by Jacob M

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