Building Solid Foundations in the Metaverse with New Frontier Presents

The promise of a tech-first future has been the dream of plenty of creative thinkers for decades. Over the past thirty or so years, we’ve realized that dream tenfold. There are 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide, video phone calls, and the hint of normalized self-driving vehicles. Often, the technology that successfully integrates into our daily lives starts out slow and simple – giant, chunky block phones to compact, simple touchscreens in our pockets. 

To craft technology that sticks, you have to fight through the iterations that mold it into what it needs to be. The same transformation is happening before our eyes with the metaverse, a collection of virtual worlds that offer users an escape from reality. The metaverse itself isn’t a new concept, but our ideas on using it to transform the way we live are developing before our eyes. 

Blockchain companies like New Frontier Presents are helping to push our culture to the next iteration of the metaverse, and they want to be your guide into their virtual landscapes. 

Crafting the New Frontier Presents Multi-Metaverse

New Frontier Presents is the brainchild of American entrepreneurs Jeff Buesing and Ryan Schuler. The forward-thinking company offers businesses the tools to create entertainment experiences within the metaverse. 

The company conceived a multi-metaverse project with rewards for members that join their virtual community. Anyone who owns a brand, platform, business, or even just land can now easily monetize within the metaverse by leveraging New Frontier Presents technology. 

As a Bitcoin investor in early 2017, Jeff Buesing kept a close eye on the ins and outs of the growing cryptocurrency movement. A few years later, Jeff Buesing co-founded New Frontier Presents to help expand the metaverse into the mainstream and add his experience with crypto to the space. Combined, the New Frontier Presents team brings decades of experience in tech, blockchain, marketing, and gaming to the table, offering their users and partners a unique metaverse experience. 

In 2021, Jeff Buesing founded the game Odds City, a multi-chain decentralized gaming ecosystem focused on non-fungible token (NFT) utility and the cryptocurrency Odds City Token.

On expanding the metaverse footprint, Jeff states, “I see myself as a conduit for the youth-inspired culture that fully embraces ideas and creative spirit. My goal is to find longevity in representing our culture by way of design and creative thinking. The metaverse needs to be open and free to access, decentralized via blockchain, and community-driven.”

The Metaverse that NFP is building isn’t just about virtual meetings – it’s about giving business owners a new platform to sell, advertise, and expand their businesses. It bridges a gap between communities and the companies that serve them.

Fighting a Bear Market With a Bull Mindset

The current cryptocurrency landscape showcases the struggles of getting in on the ground floor in tech. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster in blockchain, but that doesn’t mean quitting is the answer. As aptly stated in this a16z Crypto 2022 State of Crypto report:

“It’s very hard to estimate, if the trendlines continue as depicted, web3 could reach 1 billion users by 2031. In other words, you’re still early. Much remains to be done. Let’s keep building.” 

New Frontier Presents understands the realities of a young technology all too well. With the down market currently, the NFP market cap is only ~$23M. Just before the market turn, they were over $80M. The shift doesn’t scare them – as with any market, crypto markets are seasonal. Keeping cool and pushing through the downturns is the only way to build the technical infrastructure into something that lasts.

An Exciting Present and Future for The Metaverse

If the crypto market has taught us anything, it’s that in the face of uncertainty, you keep moving. 

Through partnerships and strategic decisions, Jeff Buesing makes sure his piece of the metaverse stands out and emboldens the rest. The team at New Frontier Presents continues to explore new ways to improve their multi-metaverse for businesses. On recent partnerships with companies like Simply Better Brands, Jeff Buesing says, “It is our goal to align with strategic partners who are forward-thinking, high integrity, customer-centric, and looking for innovative ways to expand their footprint.”

History proves that Jeff is on the right track. 

Yes, it’s a bear market, but there’s so much more to it. In the world of crypto and decentralized finance, the biggest thing to remember is the reality that every great tech invention had to endure:

We are still early.  

About Jeff Buesing and New Frontier Presents

New Frontier Presents is helmed by a team with a combined decades of experience in what matters most to web3 – gaming, marketing, blockchain, and tech. With the metaverse, they aim to transform and push the industry forward. You can read more in their whitepaper.

Jeff Buesing is an entrepreneur and digital decision-maker who is passionate about all things blockchain. You can find Jeff on Twitter discussing virtual worlds, non-fungible tokens, defi gaming, and cryptocurrency.

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