Business and Spirituality: Why Setting Aside Just 15-minutes a Day Can Be a Game-Changer

Spirituality largely centers on believing in a higher power, genuinely aligning yourself with a system of values that guides, directs, brightens, and enlivens your existence. It doesn’t always coexist with religion and its many forms.

Spirituality is clarity, pureness of mind, and true calm amidst the daily chaos. It involves imbibing positive values and striving for a higher state of existence, where integrity, honesty, dedication, kindness, self-awareness, envisioning, and altruism resonate in abundance.

Exploring their spirituality opens the doors to a unique dispensation for an entrepreneur seeking to elevate their business to a brand new level of insightfulness. It doesn’t mean you’d just sit back and have success coming your way effortlessly, but at the very least, your daily efforts will be better directed and never wasted. Exploring the spiritual landscape helps business persons find true purpose in offering value, rather than just making a profit, and it helps assuage the pressure on your physical and mental wellbeing.

“As a company, your focus shouldn’t be purely financial,” says best-selling author Rebecca Campbell, an Australian mystic, international bestselling writer, poet, and spiritual teacher with 20 years of experience. “A certain stigma is attached to spirituality and making money, almost as if people don’t want to appear greedy. The biggest issue is that we’ve separated spirituality from humanity, forgetting that we are spiritual beings in a human body. They are not two separate concepts, there’s no spiritual versus human.”

Devotional commitment

As an entrepreneur, a common wrong approach to spirituality would be desperately seeking clarity only at the worst of times.

Terrible timing, such as while in the middle of extremely important deliberations, cultivating business expansion or diversification plans, making human resource decisions, or at stonewalls with operational activities. People primarily seek clarity at the apex of their problems, and when things fall back on the right track, they re-engage their former lives.

In reality, spirituality is never a one-time solution. It’s a way of life and an upgrade to a more purposeful state of existence. If engaging with your heightened states of consciousness becomes a regular life habit, at the moments when we seek clarity the most, we’ll find it easily and in great abundance.

Getting started on a transformational spiritual journey requires daily practice and devotion. You must commit to an activity that revitalizes your soul, activates your super–consciousness and steers you toward long-lasting calm and peace in the end.

According to Campbell, whose work offers comprehensive guidance to entrepreneurs seeking to cultivate meaningful spiritual lives, meditation is not the only form of devotional practice.

“There’s so much more to be done as devotional culture, either as a working team or in your personal space. There’s chanting, dancing, poetry, and walking in nature. Some others include yoga, attending a spiritual gathering or service, reading uplifting books, card reading, regular acts of kindness, walking meditation, peaceful drawing, journaling deep thoughts, singing, and many more.”

Commitment builds habit, habit builds mindset, and mindset creates lifestyle. Engaging in these activities bears many physical and mental health benefits such as regulating blood pressure and reducing stress. People tend to channel aggression, vile energy, and distortion out of their bodies and then create room for positive energy.

Consistency makes the difference

Dancing, walking in nature, or meditating for a full hour once or twice a week doesn’t really cut it.

Setting high-intensity activities for yourself will only lead to burnout in due time and the activity becomes unnecessarily difficult. However, devoting a small cut of time daily to enriching your soul and enlivening your mind enables stronger connections.

“In my experience, you’ll receive better results showing up to a daily practice for 10-20 minutes, rather than a longer period every few weeks,” says Campbell, who has written six best-selling guide books including Light is the New Black, Rise Sister Rise, and Letters To A Starseed. “If you can only do two minutes a day, then do two minutes. You don’t have to spend ages. Staying in touch with your spiritual side can potentially increase your business’ success and productivity by 100% because you’re going to see great visions and focus on the right things.”

Soft, consistent currents make up for more tides than one huge, irregular wave. Campbell recommends committing at least 10 minutes daily to spiritual practice. Sit quietly and reflect deeply. Take a relaxing position and let your body to expand with positive energy. Walk outside and pay close attention to the sights, smells, beauty, and sensations of nature. Allow your soul to find peace in the chaos, just for a small amount of time, and then repeat the next day.

In due time, these habits will become a lifestyle and you will have found your strong navigation in the spiritual landscape.

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