Business Coach Marc Galal: “I Had the Privilege of Being Trained by NLP Legend Richard Bandler”

Europe’s #1 Life and Business Mentor Marc Galal is the man who made inspiration go rampant with thousands of people waking up to his motivational Youtube videos and podcast episodes day after day. Emboldening 2.1 million people over the last 21 years, Galal has relentlessly been persuading people to accomplish their goals, grow their success in business, and lead a life they desire.

A Top Speaker, FOCUS Top Coach, Trainer of the Year, and one of the top 100 successful trainers, Marc Galal is a licensed trainer of the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) USA. Having the privilege of being trained personally by co-creator of the pseudoscience NLP Richard Bandler, Galal is a perfect example for those who want to follow this profession. With his enormous charisma and empathy for his participants and their respective challenges, Galal always manages to hit precisely the point where the shoe pinches and resolves the issue – whether it’s a personal or a business subject. The author of thousands of expert editorials and three successful books, Galal, has sparked a million lives. His first book and blockbuster How to Convince Everyone: New Strategies Through Sales Hypnosis, above all, has been an enormous success. Galal collaborates with giants like Toyota, Nike, Bang & Olufsen, and Renault, all of whom have put faith in his knowledge for years.

“My most important role models were Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins. I attended seminars of Tony Robbins before I decided to become a trainer and speaker myself.”

The European Master and Vice World Champion at the young age of 21, Galal started his career as a bodybuilder with a small strength workout at the incredibly young age of 9 years, inspired by his older brother, who today still owns a gym and a shop for bodybuilding and sports supplies. Backed with energy, determination, ironclad discipline, and perseverance, NLP had opened the universe for Galal. With a loan of DM 50,000 in hand and the courage to follow his heart, Galal set off on his journey to becoming a coach, investing everything in learning from the best: Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Frank Farrelly, and many others. The tremendous experience in sales through his professional career and overcoming major setbacks enabled Galal to start his own business Marc Galal GmbH.

For over 21 years in the coaching industry, Galal now sets out to revolutionize business mentoring and life coaching, aiming to enable his mentees, readers, and fans to evoke their maximum potential and become successful entrepreneurs. “Inner peace and material wealth” is one of the catchphrases Galal uses when asked what exactly it is he wants to provide to his customers. And the reason for it? “Because it’s possible – and everybody deserves it.”

Galal concludes, “My goal is to make 100 participants millionaires in the next 5 years.”

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