Business Owner, Amendeep Sharma, Celebrates A Successful Year In Spite of Pandemic.

For many, the last year has been one of business closure, reduced profits, furloughs and even redundancy. However the opposite is in fact true for business owner, Amendeep Sharma.

Over the last year he has seen huge growth: launching two new businesses, increasing profits, hiring additional staff, receiving an award, and on top of all of that he also welcomed his first child, in June of 2020. Amendeep Sharma is a very busy man.

The first business launched by Amendeep, HeartCMS, began operations in 2012. It is a digital marketing agency offering services to businesses old and new, assisting with everything from website design to content creation and telecoms. HeartCMS hires over 15 dedicated and passionate staff who, like Amendeep, love to help people.

Amendeep’s business acumen originated through his digital marketing know-how. He became an authoritative voice in the digital marketing world by growing with and adapting with it since his teen years, when he first started creating websites for businesses.

Through HeartCMS Amendeep was able to reach out to local businesses whose physical doors had to close during the pandemic, and help them to open virtually. HeartCMS did this free of charge for many clients at the height of the pandemic. At a time in which so many have struggled, not only did Amendeep’s businesses reach great success, but he helped many others to do so too. Speaking of his Digital Marketing Agency, Amendeep says that “success for us comes in seeing our clients succeed.

Our job and passion is in delivering them to their business goals”. Although, of course, his success can also be noted through HeartCMS’s popularity, profits, and awards – in December of 2020 the company was awarded ‘Most Creative Web Design Agency’ in Nottingham.

During the first lockdown in 2020 Amendeep had just as much work as he had previously, a growing client list, a baby on the way – and yet, he was inspired. Noting the popularity of home renovations during the lockdown Amendeep launched a new venture, Handcrafted Oak Shelves. The bespoke shelving company opened its virtual doors in October of 2020 and, despite being open for less than a year, the business has made hundreds of sales, received only 5-star-reviews, and enhanced many homes across the UK. Handcrafted Shelves is a dropship service providing pine and oak floating and bracketed shelving to custom sizes.

After successfully launching Handcrafted Shelves, Amendeep launched another online retail business just two months later: The Online Printer. The company offers a personalised print service, that happily coincides with Amendeep’s digital marketing enterprise, and allows him to offer customised printing and design services to his current clients, and reach new customers too. The Online Printer has successfully achieved over 10k in sales in its first six months, having begun operations in December 2020.

The business started off as White Label, with The Online Printer not yet owning their own commercial printer. In just six months the company has reached great success, and is growing in popularity daily.

As most were celebrating the end of a most turbulent year, Amendeep was toasting to success. Before the year came to an end Amendeep formed the iHeart Group which combines all of his business ventures under one neat umbrella.

Now, just over a year since the first national lockdown was announced, Amendeep Sharma is continuing to grow his existing business ventures, and says that he “will never stop looking for the next opportunity to grow and expand” with a new company set to be added to his iHeart Group this coming month, Chai Cart, an extravagantly set up chai tea cart that can be hired to enhance events, including weddings.

With each of Amendeep’s business ventures being so varied in what they offer, we simply cannot predict what Amendeep will do next. Find Amendeep on Instagram, @heartcmsuk & facebook to follow his business journey.

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