Buy YouTube Views: The Latest Craze for Top Influencers and Vloggers

Discover if buying YouTube views a good idea, and if it can really benefit your growth.

Buying YouTube views and subscribers has been one of the hottest discussions for over the past several years. With more people now using YouTube to create content and watch content on a daily basis, it’s now one of the largest and fastest growing resources for content on the internet today.

With this in mind, it is always prudent to optimize one’s YouTube channel at all levels. One should do this even before uploading their first-ever video, and the future growth of their brand and following is always in place. And in the event that your channel is already running, it is never late to make changes for the better.

No matter if you are starting your YouTube journey today or always have amassed millions of views and subscribers, today we are going to cover the many different aspects of YT and the concept of buying YouTube views and followers to improve your reach, growth and user engagement.

Let’s get started!

YouTube content creation is a full-time job

Editing one’s video content for improving a channel’s performance is a continuous process. Once a YouTube account is created for the business, then it is a full-time engagement. Even if one is an individual and starting a channel for his company, they should name the channel to look like a big setup and not an individual marketeer. This will create a more considerable impact on people, and people tend to trust such channels faster and engage more with them. One can trust another way for faster results and that is buying YouTube views from legitimate sources. 

After one creates a YouTube account, uploading videos and waiting for views, likes, and subscribe is the channel owner’s obvious goal. However, they should also ensure that the channel drives the viewers to other social media sites and one’s website by adding links to the YouTube channel. This link appears on the bottom of the YouTube channel on the right-hand side and easily visible for clicking.

And it’s also extremely important to realize that more than 2 billion users login to YouTube every single month. With this many users and content creators on one platform, not only is a massive amount of traffic and eyeballs up for grabs — it’s a lot of competition as well.

Some smart strategies to get organic views

Having a well-written channel description is something that one should not ignore or consider trivial. This is an equally critical part apart from making a quality video. Catchy description attracts viewers and allows them to preview what the business is all about and what to expect from the video.

Some of the best YouTube practices on how to get views would involve taking out the last bit from the videos. SEO, such as Google and YouTube search, is the most powerful tool to make or break one’s video channel.

On-page optimization principles are followed similarly by YouTube SEO. One can optimize their video in many ways, such as

  • Select only those keywords for the same niche with the highest-ranking and add them to the video title.
  • Additional relevant keywords should be included in the description.
  • Having the appropriate tags for the videos helps in showing them up in relevant search engines.

Keywords are the key to any channel’s success. While researching for appropriate keywords, it is recommended to search in both YouTube and Google. This will ensure that the best ranking keywords on both the search engines are identified. This double-pronged strategy helps to increase the views significantly.

YouTube Paid Ads and Marketing are Serious Stuff

Having videos on the channel that achieves nothing except a view and few likes is a waste of time and money. The objective of the video content is to have sufficient views, preferences, and conversions to subscribers. If they don’t convert, then the specific goal of monetizing the channel is lost. And if leads are not converted, then a business whose goal is to have sales is defeated. Videos have a target audience. Therefore, it is important to organize them into playlists and have CTA buttons in the middle or end of the video so that conversion happens. The key to a successful video is to offer a customer a solution through the strategies discussed above.

The most legitimate and ideal way to increase YouTube views is taking the organic route. This will allow one to avoid getting pulled up by YouTube if they discover that one has purchased bots from fake companies. However, this is a method that is often being used by people that want to get famous through social media, or appear as though they already have a massive following in place.

Optimization of a YouTube Channel is a Must

Apart from buying YouTube views, there are other ways to increase views also, if one implements these simple strategies:

  • Describe your video with a keyword-focused description that will help the YouTube algorithm zero in on your video once the viewers search videos with keywords similar to yours. 
  • YouTube algorithm provides data analytics that helps in understanding what works and what doesn’t. It provides a roadmap for repeating those factors which worked the best in previous videos. They also help in understanding the viewer’s behaviour. At times, the gut feeling works. If you have a product or service, then research similar ones on YouTube. It will give a direction on how to replicate similar contents. It may be the type of content, the video duration, title description, and even call-to-action buttons.
  • Upload videos regularly.  Active channels invoke greater efficiency of the algorithm.  Regular viewers and subscribers of the channel will keep a tab on the new content upload and view them.  Since viewers’ attention span is pretty fragile, they tend to forget and drift to new channels, even if the content quality was good the last time.
  • Taking advantage of the YouTube notification feature helps the audience see when a new video is uploaded.  The best time for getting higher views is to make a video public when the audience is live. One can also get an idea from the analytics about the day or week’s optimal time to keep for uploading fresh content.
  • Short and crisp videos keep the viewer engaged until the end and help get higher rankings and more views. The higher the duration a video is watched, YouTube metrics give a higher ranking as it keeps tabs on the duration watched.  
  • Creating a playlist provides continuity in viewing. The viewers by now have already recommended to themselves to go further for the particular channel. By this time, the audience has already recommended to themselves to commit also to this channel.
  • Engaging with the audience keeps them interested in your channel. Keep replying to their comments, suggestions, and have a meaning full conversation. These activities are meaningful and not futile as they get noticed by the YouTube algorithm.
  • Turn the views into likes and subscribers. Using other social media platforms to increase views is a hallmark of a good social media marketer.

Precautions While Buying YouTube views

    1. Avoid buying views from illegitimate and unethical sources.  Avoid redirects, pop-up ads, deceptive auto-plays.
    2. Do not buy views from those websites that provide bots and unreal views. 

Views can also be increased through sponsored advertisements and paid promotional content.  This will allow real people to view your content even though YouTube allows legitimate views from reliable service providers.

Reasons for Buying Youtube views 

Any YouTube Channel owners and marketers need to get maximum views of their video to convert them to subscribers and help the business’s growth.

People watch what they want on YouTube.  Many viewers are focused on what kind of content they wish to view. They know how to make good use of SEO techniques and find the content according to their choice. For viewers who are not tech-savvy, they depend on the YouTube algorithm to decide what is offered to them. Nearly 80% of people watch YouTube videos recommended by the algorithm.  These viewers don’t need to see what is recommended. They may even ignore it. But for channel owners and YouTube marketers, who want their video to go viral, they must understand how the YouTube algorithm works. For YouTube Channel owners who do not understand algorithms’ dynamics, it is recommended to buy YouTube views from professional service providers for instant results. 

Many new channel owners want immediate success on the YouTube platform once they have uploaded their content. Despite having all the prerequisites for excellent video content and all the strategies discussed above, one may still not get the desired views. It is estimated that more than 500 hours of fresh video is uploaded per minute on the YouTube platform as per statistics. This translates into 720,000 hours of new content every day. This also means that the video, despite having good quality, will get lost in the crowded space and may get only a few views initially. This can be frustrating, and the results may be demoralizing. However, with a global viewership of 2.30 billion audience, there is a massive potential for one to grow on this platform. 

The ultimate objective of a channel is to increase the views, convert them to likes and subscribers. If one wants organic growth, then one must be patient and consistently upload new contents to be noticed. 

On the other hand, if a channel wants to get immediate traction of their video, the best option would be to buy views and likes. Buying views expose the channel to more audiences, which would not have been noticed earlier. But this is just one of the benefits.  There are many more reasons why it makes sense to invest in buying views from third-party service providers.

  • Social Proof and higher traffic 

No one wants to lead on social media. They would instead follow others. And no one wants to click first to like a channel.  If there are plenty of views and likes, it indicates that this video is worth viewing. The more the views and likes, the more the audience will get influenced. Buying views gives the channel an advantage in having a good number of views and conveying a message to the audience that the content is worth looking at.

When one buys a view, one invites people to view the content. If they like it, then there are high chances that they may subscribe to the email list, visit the channel’s website, and even make a purchase.  After viewing the content, when people click on the link to the other social media accounts, it drives traffic to other business platforms. Buying views from legitimate sources mean that viewers are real people and not fake. 

  • Higher Rankings

More views mean more likes and subscribers. This influences the YouTube algorithm and ensures that it is always on the top of the search list. If the number of views is on the higher side, search boxes will always show the channel that matches the keywords or title descriptions. Statistics show that more than 60% of the searches on YouTube are through the search box instead of directly going to the channel. The total viewership’s that a channel or video has is one of the most significant factors that YouTube uses to rank the videos.

Therefore, if some videos have plenty of views, they are more likely to rank higher on top of searches both within YouTube and Google. It is seen that Google favors the content ranked by YouTube. Since the number of views and likes are important criteria for YouTube ranking, then it makes sense to buy YouTube views from a high-quality service provider.

  • Get more subscribers 

The ultimate goal of every YouTube channel owner is to get more people subscribing to their channel. But this is not possible if the views are less. To reach a broader audience quickly, the best option is to buy views depending on how much one requires. Buying views and likes means higher chances of subscriptions. Since competition also has the same objectives, there is every possibility of them even buying views.

So, to beat the competition, buying view is perfectly legitimate and offers a level playing field. Monetizing one’s YouTube channel is another way to earn revenue. One needs to have at least 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel and generate a minimum of 4000 watch hours over one year. This is also referred to as the YouTube Partner Program.

Also, setting up an AdSense account and following the policy guidelines of YouTube. To have a minimum threshold of subscribers and watch time means that the views should be at least 10000+ to qualify. This can happen organically, but it will take an enormous amount of time. Many Channel owners may get tired of and give up. The faster way would be to buy real views from legitimate sources so that the objective is achieved faster. 

Final Summary on Buying YouTube Video Views

So as a content creator or channel owner, or marketer on youtube, the objective is to be on the top of rankings and get maximum views, likes, and subscribers. This also means that one can monetize the channel provided one is creating something likable and at the same time buying views to get more attention. The double-pronged strategy of have both organic and inorganic traffic only helps in reaching the goal fast.

Lastly, if you enjoyed this article, be sure to read up on the topic of getting free IG followers to grow your reach and audiences through the use of the world’s most popular mobile social platform. There are plenty of ways to grow your audience and follower count for free, and if you aren’t using them, you should be!


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