Buying Digital Collectibles With Real World Benefits on Terra Virtua

With the convergence of blockchain, VR, AR, digital collectibles and decentralized finance, we are today offered more ways to escape from the real world than ever before. Books such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One are these days looked at more as predictions of the future than sci-fi novels.

Terra Virtua wraps all of these exciting technologies into one big immersive marketplace and ecosystem, with its platform allowing users to buy, sell, store and display digital collectibles in fully customizable environments. But what is becoming ever-more obvious as the company partners with world famous brands including Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment, is that Terra Virtua plans to reward its users in ways that stretch above and beyond other NFT marketplaces.

Virtual products, Real money

NFTs can take form as art, trading or collectible cards, in-game items and website domains, and people are spending big sums of money to own unique products that are certified through blockchain’s immutable and transparent technology. Over $1.6 million has made its way through the digital collectibles market in the past week alone, with over 16,000 sales of NFTs having taken place across several popular platforms

Terra Virtua looks to capture a large portion of the emerging NFT market, inviting millions of existing collectibles fans to the digital collectible world. Founded by previous executives from Ocean, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Warner Bros and PlayStation VR, the project is backed by an all-star team with extensive experience in the gaming, media and franchising sectors.

Collecting, reinvented.

Celebrating it’s first $7,000 artwork by an independent artist this month, Terra Virtua has quickly become a popular platform and offers creatives and collectors alike a place to showcase NFTs in all their glory. Users can choose to store items either in the 3D Terra Art Gallery, the Terra Fancave or the newly opened Terradome, a vast space for storing and showcasing huge NFTs like robots, creatures, vehicles, planes and even spaceships.

But as well as offering a place to buy, sell and store NFTs, Terra Virtua recently unveiled its big plans to offer its users an array of opportunities, creative tools, incentives and reward mechanisms through the integration of the newly announced TVK token, which will be introduced into the Terra Virtua ecosystem in coming months.

Kolect, NFTs, opportunities and experiences with TVK

Acting as a payment method and reducing transaction fees on the platform, the native Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) token can also be used by traders, speculators and creators in a number of exciting ways. The token turns Terra Virtua from an immersive NFT gallery into a fully blown digital collectibles ecosystem, utilizing DeFi mechanisms as it does so.

By holding TVK tokens, buyers can purchase NFTs at a discount, get early access to the latest drops and become VIPs as part of the ‘Prestige’ VIP scheme. Creators can stake their TVK tokens to connect and work with mainstream brands, as well as using Terra Forma tools to build their own unique collectibles.

Further leaning on DeFi, users will be able to govern, curate and contribute to what will become community managed spaces, as members of “Terra Virtua Curate”, providing the opportunity to stake their NFTs in order to create new and ultra rare collectibles, earn revenue from shared spaces and rewards for contributing the community.

Real-world rewards

Perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities presented to Terra Virtua users is the chance to get real world rewards by buying items within the ecosystem with TVK tokens. Being able to possibly meet the creator of your NFT, or buying a movie collectible with TVK and subsequently being rewarded with an invitation to the movie’s studio. Terra Virtua is set to truly engage their users in new and exciting ways, making them feel part of a new, innovative business model.

Having raised $2.5 million in funding, Terra Virtua looks set to massively disrupt the world of digital collectibles. With these new and exciting incentives, the platform is sure to experience growing interest as the world becomes increasingly drawn towards virtual reality and the metaverse.

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